My guest is the powerful Jay Campbell. He is a 4x international best-selling author, co-founder of Aseir Custom, and founder of the Jay Campbell Brand and Podcast. Jay is a global influencer teaching Men and Women how to #FullyOptimize their health while raising their consciousness. #RaiseYourVibrationToOscillation


We talked about…

  • 2:31 Optimizing the physical body for conscious and spiritual integration
  • 72:02 Alternate-day fasting, BDNF brain-derived neurotropic factor and enlightenment
  • 74:07 His nutrition (before 6pm) and fasting ritual (to help him live to 120)
  • 76:08 His MWF 30-min exercise ritual as a 50-year-old (and why he is adamant about being injury free)
  • 78:49 the most effective routines to induce skeletal muscle hypertrophy (by tapping into all 3 energy systems (aerobic glycolytic, glycolytic, and anaerobic))
  • 84:30 His daily sauna, foam rolling, and stretch rituals
  • 76: 36 His weekly cardio rituals to optimize his physical body for spiritual growth
  • 39:13 Therapeutic optimized testosterone and its two-fold goal of balance and happiness.
  • 90:39 Trans-scrotal delivery mechanism for therapeutic optimized testosterone
  • 93:54 Microdosing of Cialis as the best form of preworkout
  • 105:03 Why he is intensively focusing on elevating consciousness
  • Please enjoy my conversation with Jay Campbell, the 4x international best-selling author.




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It's easier to connect spiritually when you are physically and energetically balanced. Click To Tweet As you become more physically optimized, deep wisdom just becomes a natural order of thinking. Click To Tweet The stereotypical signs of having low testosterone are a lack of sexual function. The most noticeable signs are brain fog and fatigue early in the afternoon and a total lack of energy. Sexual dysfunction from a suboptimal level of… Click To Tweet Free testosterone is the only level that means anything because it is called biologically active testosterone, which is unbound and usable by the body. Click To Tweet Why would you not give yourself the elixir of life as you start to age with a therapeutic dosage to enhance all your biological systems? Click To Tweet A natural intervention involves optimizing your lifestyle to get significant sunlight every day, a weight training program, and eating a diet rich in healthy fats and low in carbs. Click To Tweet The number one thing to improve your overall standard of life is to improve your nutrition. Click To Tweet When you're fasting you create life extension. Fasting will extend your life more than anything else. And when you throw in therapeutic testosterone and Metformin and a little bit of thyroid modulation combined with fasting and you'll… Click To Tweet All of the great spiritual gurus and sages talked about going into the wilderness to fast. In reality, what was happening was they were getting a massive production of BDNF (brain-derived neurotropic factor) which is this 'connection to… Click To Tweet The only way you can actually create hypertrophy increase in skeletal muscle mass is to tax all three energy systems. There are three energy systems that have to be hit when you train: aerobic glycolytic, glycolytic, and anaerobic Click To Tweet As you age, the key to maximize your body is to avoid injury. That is more important than anything else because when you get injured, you're out. Click To Tweet Therapeutic optimized testosterone has a two-fold goal - balance and happiness. Click To Tweet


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Jay Campbell Transcript by AI


[00:00:00] Welcome to noble warrior. My name is CK Lin noble warriors, where I interview multidimensional entrepreneurs about their journey. So you can engineer your life with more depth impact and meaning if you have any friends who could use more inspiration and permission to take that leap of faith, go ahead and share this episode with them.

They'll thank you. 

 My next guest is Jay Campbell. He's a four time national bestselling author, the a co-founder Azir, custom and founder of the J Campbell brand and podcast.

Jay is a global influencer teaching men and woman, how to fully optimize their health while raising their consciousness. 

We talked about optimizing the physical body for conscious and spiritual integration. We talked about alternate day fasting, brain derived, neurotropic factor, and enlightenment. 

We talked about everything that he's doing as a way to elevate his spiritual development, including his [00:01:00] nutrition and fasting ritual,   and his exercise rituals as a 50 year old. And why he's adamant about being injury-free.

We talked about the most effective routines to induce skeletal muscle hypertrophy by tapping into all three energy system of the body and talked about his daily sauna foam rolling and stretching rituals and his weekly cardio ritual and everything that he does to optimize his physical body for spiritual growth. We talked about therapeutic optimized, testosterone its two-fold goal of balance and happiness. We talked about a unique trans- scrotal delivery mechanism for a therapeutic optimized testosterone.

We talked about the microdosing of Cialis as the best form of pre-workout. And finally why he's so intensely focusing on elevating consciousness with everything that he does. Please enjoy my [00:02:00] conversation with Jay Campbell. 

Okay. It's an honor to be here, brother, privileged to know you and again, honored to have the opportunity to speak with you today and obviously your audience as well. Awesome. So let's go right into it and that you get most of your questions about testosterones and all those things. We'll definitely get to dos, but I know that your newest passion is to raise the collective consciousness, the collective vibration of all.

So if you can actually tie the two together, maybe that's a difficult first question to unpack. Like how does the body helps develop the spirit or raise the vibration? I think tied the two together that would give people a little bit of a nugget. If we're getting to the right. Yeah, no, it's a great question.

I have had this question many times so in, in truth to go deep into the spiritual, awareness aspect of things and obviously I, been a secret my whole life. I didn't always have this awareness. But recently, and I'd say resilient in the last 10 years, [00:03:00] really doing a lot of inner work, a lot of meditation, introspection, contemplation, grounding, and nature, attaining mind, silence.

I realized that this physical vessel is not who we are, right? Like we are essentially spirit beings having a physical experience. So the more you can align the physical vessel through hormone optimization, through healthy habits, through low inflammation, through low body fat through.

Optimal physically energetically, the easier it is to allow for the, conscious slash spiritual integration that is around us at all times. And, unfortunately when you're physically, as I call incapacitated or highly inflamed, and there's a lot of different conditions that lead to that, it's very difficult to connect to that aspect of spirit that is, literally pervasive and surrounding us at all times.

So I can [00:04:00] definitely say that, walking the path that I did initially, which was learning about hormone optimization, becoming an Alchemist really opened my channels to get the real downloads. Which is we're all here. As spirit beings to evolve and to grow and to hopefully, wake up to the awareness that the only thing that matters is enhancing our consciousness.

So that again, everyone energetically will be lifted so that we can stop. What is the negative aspects of third D third dimension existence, which is, duality and polarization and contrast, and constantly being divided and conquered. Yeah. I love that. Thank you for that. So w one of the metaphor that I just learned recently, forum another teacher, his name's Morpheus black.

He said living going through life is a lot like having a spider. Now most people think a different dimension of life. They're all compartmentalize. [00:05:00] Oh my career, my finance, my relationship with my body, my emotions, or disparate desperate, but in reality is a spiderweb. So one thing is holding on you, you can't, everything else goes with the body you're in pain.

If you're like, that's the only thing you think about when your relationship is off. That's the only thing you think about. I like that metaphor, how everything is really interconnected. And if for the seekers listening to this, if your intention is to elevate yourself or guess what you get to optimize other areas in your life as well.

So that way you have a healthy tension in your spider web, so to speak, and then you can then go out and do the thing that you want to. So with that said, Jay is one of the intentions that we talked about, the different multidimensionality of who we are as human beings. So for you, what are some of these dimensions that's important for you?

For me, it, it's changed. I like to see my life looking back on it as I've had, [00:06:00] multiple incarnations, even in this physical life, I've had, I've been married three times. I've had at least three dark nights of the soul. I've experienced, I've traveled the whole entire world.

I've been a professional athlete. I've had an amazing loft, man. There is absolutely no body that could tell me that it hasn't been the case, it's only been in the last, seven, seven, really six and a half, seven years. Become truly grateful for that experience and for those experiences.

I can definitely tell you now that every moment that I exist is a gift and I see it as a gift. And for me now, it's, how can I be the best parent? How can I be the best husband? And how can I serve creation at my highest and best by the things that I do. And I wake up every morning now, so charged, it's so hard now for me to sleep, but obviously I'm the optimization guy, I stress the people need to get six to eight hours of sleep, but in truth, when you really, cha when you're really funneled by spirit, the, I am consciousness you don't need to sleep that much.

I did a live stream last [00:07:00] night or not a live stream, but yeah, technically a live stream to a private group, but To a woman who's 68 years old and she's I don't sleep. She's I live off the energy of God and she's an amazing physical health. And my wife and I were like talking to her and we're like, we're in good health.

And we look good for our age, but whoa. And then she tells us she doesn't sleep. So it's my first reaction, the old, three DJs would have been like, what would it be on amphetamines? Yeah. She is like a very advanced spiritual teacher and she's no, man, I'm literally living off the energy of God.

I don't even drink caffeine. Wow. So it's if you are doing that inner work and you are tapping into, again, that energy and frequency of source consciousness, which is all around us at all times you literally can live all of that energy. So it's made me question a lot of things, cause obviously I'm this advanced biohacker dude, but you gotta get six to eight hours of sleep and you can't hack sleep, but in truth.

Spiritual beings. We're not these bodies, right? We're just spirit beings. If you hack that energy and frequency of source and you can actually access it and tap it, and if feed off of it [00:08:00] by how you live, you probably don't even need sleep, which is crazy. I would have never said that, four or five years ago, but just listening to her and the way she spoke last night about these things, it was like, whoa, so it's I have no doubt that you can absolutely fuel yourself, consciously through the energy of, all that is.

Yeah it's really a paradigm shift, right? Because my background is biomedical engineering PhD, and it's very materialist. If it, if I can measure it, if there's no data, it doesn't exists before. Don't talk to me about whatever, even cycle spiritual stuff, like what is this thing called PTSD?

If I can measure it, then therefore, exactly. You're just making stuff up in your mind. Having gone through a few dark, Napa soul moments, myself in all truth, I'm like, holy shit. There's how hubristic was to think that. Do you know if I can imagine it doesn't exist? How do you measure a love for you?

You can't measure it, right? Like how do you measure your friendship? [00:09:00] There's no measurement. That's beautiful, man. I think of Christopher Hitchens. I think all of us, you're talking about, being this role data and pure empiricists we've all had these paths.  Obviously I've been in the science field, for a long time myself, and it's I remember doubting to mention your book real quick.

Oh, no. That's okay. But I've been doubting, just, you, you brought something up to me, like just the idea of doubt of if I can't, what's measured is tracks.  If there's no empirical data, there's no way, and just reading those authors, it just, Christopher Hitchens popped in my head, thinking about, he wrote, God is not good, or God is not great or whatever it was.

And I'm just thinking wow, dude, you missed that.

Yeah. So it's hard to. Because we're not, let me see how, I don't even know how to engage in this conversation. Cause I'm still very empirical. I still want data either subjective or otherwise. And also I'm also willing to be open-minded to say, Hey, there are things I can measure that we don't even know dark matter, all these things that we know the existence of, but really don't have the [00:10:00] instruments, the sophistication to even measure the thing.

Consciousness. What the heck is that we don't have the scientific metrics, even having an intelligent conversation about it, per se. So then for the people are asking you questions about sleep, then how do you go about, do you go deep with them? Well, you know, if on the very absolute sense you can't really measure it, you can use it.

Or do you engage with them where they're at? It goes based on where they're at, a spiritually advanced being, it's a great question again. If I'm talking to a spiritually advanced being, I, I let them know before we're talking to, in an interview, cause obviously I do a lot of podcasts like you you know that I'm going to take you down that path, but I can give you empirical data.

The empirical data is do five MEO DMT. There's your empirical data. I'm sorry, but you know anybody who does five MEO DMT, who's not in resistance to it. That's, that is blasting into the, a theory to [00:11:00] the source frequency. I can now do a vocal octave of an UN home or an om frequency.

And I can take myself into the source field.  Obviously I've done a lot of training and I've done four, five MEO DMT experiences about it, but I literally can take myself into the source field and completely go into. Outside of whatever conscious awareness is, in this third dimension. And so that for me is quantifiable.

I can do that, I can go out.  I do it every day. I go out of my backyard and I sit there with my dog and if I'm sun gazing, sometimes if the sun's out and thankfully where I live now, I get lots of sun early in the morning. But if I don't, I can still do that harm and just close my eyes and just completely go into that field.

And I'm just the only way I can describe it again for empiricists is if you've ever gone out into a large open forest or a you could do this in Malibu, you can go over into the mountains in the ruins where the ruins are in Maldon, like you're on the edge. And [00:12:00] it's just the vast, a natural aspect or expanse and you just lay down.

And close your eyes and listen to the sound of nature. And it sounds like depending on what time of the year it is if you go there, like now, which is funny because literally I was there last year with a good friend of mine. We were hiking the ruins and it was like an end of may. It was right around this time.

And it was crazy. Cause it was like during, the COVID debacle and like people were, they weren't wearing masks and people were like running out of the way I was when we were hiking. It's so funny. It just triggered me. But you can lay there in that field and close your eyes and listen to the frequency of nature.

And that is the same frequency that I experienced multiple times under the influence of five MEO DMT. And then that's the same frequency that I hear when I, that do that Okta, that, that resonant home or whatever you want to call it. And I can just bliss out. That's what I call it where I'm just running in the field.

Got it. So you go to nature, you listen to [00:13:00] this internal. I don't even know tonality frequency. And then that brings you back to the space that you experienced during your five MEO experience. Yeah. Yeah, exactly. And it's funny that you said that because I never, I go into nature a lot jungles, um, whenever I can, my wife is a huge nature person and I never figured that out until I did this with my friend last year, I was just laying down, we were both, we were both just climbed and we were dead tired and we were just like laying down and I just laid back and do it, I can hear the sounds of insects.

And so that kind of you know, was like triggered me a little bit. And then as I laid back down and I just close my eyes and just took a huge deep breath, and then I was like, it was like right into it. And I was like, oh my God. Wow. So it was a profound experience for me. Yeah. So real quick share I'm a scientist by training by trade.

And so when I was younger, I just didn't understand. What's the point. When my father took me into the mountains or, the ocean to you and [00:14:00] nature, I just didn't understand Y right. Watching the national geographic or whatever. But then as I got older, I now have more finesse, more sensitivity to that.

And then I was like, oh, nature is the ultimate adaptogens. If it brings me up, if I'm higher, it brings me down. So then I can actually be with, myself first and foremost. So for those of you who are listening, who may be a little bit skeptical, still just pay it a little bit more attention to how you breathe, how your body feels when you're out there in the ocean, or the mountains, or wherever you love the desert, and then just pay attention.

I'll give you another one. If you're stressed out. You're a successful business person, whatever, and you've got all sorts of responsibilities and you're just days crazy. Hopefully you're working from your house. You're not in, you're an office building in downtown New York, a little screwed, but just go outside in your backyard.

It's not what you're doing. Go outside your backyard, take your shoes and socks off [00:15:00] and literally stand in the barren ground of grass or, just the energy and frequency of earth. He obviously, people are familiar now with grounding and earthing, but the lower lowering of systemic inflammation, just connecting to earth and frequency is profound.

Now, obviously you got to get into a space where you're like, okay, you're open to that. Cause if you go down there saying this is bullshit, It doesn't work. I don't feel anything, you're not gonna feel anything, but if you just take your shoes and socks off and stand in the grass and not hold your phone in your hand, it's pretty profound.

I mean, I've done that numerous times in the last five years. And I've interviewed Clint Ober, the guy that wrote the book on it or thing, did all the scientific studies, it's amazing human being. But I had started doing that because my wife had told me to do that before I had met him.

You know, when we were talking, that was like one of the things, cause, he's always on the defensive to, people are denying earthing, they're denying grounding, they're denying the 29 actually. There's 40 now. But when I wrote my book, there was 29 studies on pub med [00:16:00] on the profound benefits of grounding, for, to, to reduce inflammation.

Again, these are very high level, pub med peer reviewed studies that show a profound relief. And again, all you have to do is just experience it yourself. It's unbelievable. So huge wreak quick recap your subjective experience is your truth, right? Whatever that is. And then you can look at the PROCO data from pub med or otherwise from other people's anecdotal experience or anything like that.

But first and foremost, pay attention to how good you feel. You don't feel good. Hey, don't do it. It's all good. I feel good. Then you can start to follow your curiosity and move forward. I want to make a quick point about your book. You say you were very generous in sending me your book the testosterone optimization therapy book of a 600 pages with 700 scientific references.

And to be really Frank, I didn't finish because I was a little overwhelmed, just the sheer number of references. So with that said, how do you how do you. [00:17:00] Because you had just mentioned, even for grounding, before you talk to the grounding, investigator, you looked at pub med, you'll look to source new scientific data to essentially boost your, your point of view, your claims.

So how you go about it? Is that a important thing to persuade someone to, to take on, to try on your point of view? Or is this something that's just more intrinsic that you have to look for in data yourself? I think it's more intrinsic. I think it depends on like where you are, in the place.

Like I. It's hard to say this, but I'm, this is all about transparency and authenticity here. Like I had this ability in the last two or three years since I really went deep in my meditation and really started to understand what the I am consciousness means. And I've worked with some really advanced spiritual mentors to I have this ability to just start speaking about topics that I have no familiarity with, but at an extremely high level and, very spirit spiritually advanced people will tell you that [00:18:00] is essentially you're tapping the Akashic records or, the icon or there's other names for it.

The, the whole of records, the universal frequency, whatever, but it's weird. Like I, it's hard, to be an empiricist and, and talk about, or explain. How that works, but I rationalize it as when you're in the energy and frequency of that source consciousness, which is again, a high vibrational resonant tone.

And that can come from just the people that you're speaking with, or you know, you could even be listening to a, like angelic frequency or, some sort of like shocker, attuning, frequency, something that's harmonical that can keep you in that space or whatever. You just have access to more information or data that you would like otherwise, or wouldn't else how that I definitely would.

I wrote that book and, just say about that book, why did I scientifically source it the way that I did? Because at that time I, I was dealing with the fact that I was not a doctor. And in order for me to [00:19:00] be appreciated slash accepted, embraced whatever, by that part of the world, the allopathic community, I wanted to make sure I covered all my bases.

There was no stern left unturned, right? Like I had to put it out and, in truth, I've had some very, and this is the greatest compliment. I've had some very advanced people in the allopathic field come to me and say, do you have any idea, the significance of this work? They're like medicine could not come together and do something like that.

Just, do your statement earlier about the hubris of net doctors. Like they would never be able to co-create or collaborate together to create something like that because they would all be bickering amongst themselves about you know, who found this study and why this is more relevant. You know, they've told me they were like, it was a gift that you were a doctor, so that you were able to go down these paths and you were able to pursue, avenues that otherwise would have never been turned over because, again, allopathic medicine would lost it, and guys would have had too much fear of the [00:20:00] system.

So, so I think, hopefully that does a good job of answering your question, but I, I definitely, when I wrote that book CK, I was in a field of wow, because I wrote that book and I also wrote my fasting. Which is also a profound book on fascinating. And I wrote both of those books in a period of four and a half months, I remember just going to my office on Saturdays.

I would li I would go to my, I would be dad, but at seven o'clock, I'd go to the office at night and I would be there until one, one in the morning. And I do the same thing on Sunday, but I would go an hour earlier. I would always go on at six and I was just profoundly moved and I was fasting, that's a whole other conversation, but I was fasting usually for 50 hours.

Plus when I was writing this book. So there was something about, that BDNF brain derived neurotropic factor. Pulsing that out, at this time when I was writing these books, writing both of those books and I wrote the blowtorch diet book first, and then I wrote the, actually I was writing [00:21:00] them together.

I was using them both because there were some sections that I use for both, but I went hardcore. I finished the blowtorch diet in September. I started it in July and then I finished the testosterone optimization therapy book really on Thanksgiving. But then I added the it for a month after. And I had a couple of people that helped me.

I'm a copywriting standpoint. You know, I wouldn't say dumb it down, but make it less physician, less scientific so that anyone could understand it. So you're obviously very passionate guy, very energized person. Most of the time when I do my research, when my guests are, you truly have to speak up.

But with you, I have to basically listen to normal speed. Otherwise you're just like bam, bam. So what was the drive? What was the, the, the, in the energetic source that have you regained write three books in a, less than a year it's because this is not, Hey, let [00:22:00] me just brain dump everything in my mind, you did 700, source scientific sources in one book.

I haven't read your other books. I'm pretty sure it's probably about the same density. So what was the main drive to go about doing it? Well for sure, for the testosterone optimization therapy book, it was to serve mankind from a standpoint of I knew, having experiences. Let me see 2018.

So I had been using therapeutic testosterone for 17 and a half years before I started writing that book. And I had already written the first book, which was the TRT manual, which was already the number one selling book ever on that. But I was like, you know what, that's not good enough. So I'm going to write something way better.

And I knew I was going to but it was more about like, how can I make sure that all the taboo, all of the myths, the misinformation, the demonization, the BS that was out there about therapeutic testosterone was going to be quashed once. And for all permanently that no one was going to come back. You can say, this [00:23:00] is not scientifically credible.

And so the energy that I put into that book, it definitely, again, did I'm total surrender now in my life. And at that time I wasn't in total surrender, but I was in enough surrender, but I now know that book came to me. From the higher panel, higher frequency of source consciousness, God, whatever you want to call it, whatever your spiritual beliefs are because you're right, dude.

Like when I look at that book now, dude, I've forgotten some of that stuff. Like I'll read that.

Wow, this is good stuff.

I mean, it's crazy, crazy. I mean, like, um, you know, again, I'm humbled, whatever it is, but I I still get doctors, especially in the international community, you send me stuff and they're like, man, thank you so much. Just, that's the best part about being an author? At least for me is um, because obviously, when you write a book, you don't do it to make money.

You do it to expand your connections, hopefully, to meet more people to, help. Obviously. Obviously my goal in writing the book was to help people who wanted to go down this path because C K I didn't answer this, [00:24:00] we're, we're talking a lot of different directions here, but I knew what was coming.

I knew that this planet was going to go through a lot of problems due to modernize living and that, testosterone was the biggest tool in the therapeutic testosterone was the biggest tool in the tool belt to utilize, to avoid the coming problems of, again, modernization. And, I, I always use Anthony, Dr.

Anthony, Jay, another Jay great guy, amazing guy, Mayo clinic researcher, wrote the book, Esther of generation. He read my book back a bit before we knew each other, like back in I think it was like early 2018, him and I started working together in 2019. And he was just like, dude, did you do this?

And he was, and then he started giving me his background about being in the Mayo clinic and how he was researching estrogen issues and the planet and how the fish all across the planet were becoming the male fish were becoming feminized. And, we just went into this deep, like Vulcan mind meld.

But you know, that's when I told him, I'm like, bro, I [00:25:00] knew what was coming. That was that a gift, to have that consciousness given, in the divine downloads of the stuff I was doing from an inner work standpoint. Was it part of research? Was it obviously experiential because I had been using therapeutics as Soren and I knew what the profound attributes and the energy and just how amazing your life is.

Like I always tell people like if you're suffering from a testosterone deficiency, And you get optimized, you will define your life as before and after. And that is absolutely the truth. Now, not everyone needs therapeutics, that's Nasir, but a large percentage of men in the world do, and it changes you from a Mo you know, at a molecular level, obviously, the very first question you asked me today was like, how does having optimized testosterone levels lead someone to becoming more spiritual?

I mean, I think it's proof. You know, you're literally so aligned energetically, that you now have room, you balance everything else out in your life. You now have more room to seek the spiritual path, and maybe it's also just part and parcel of [00:26:00] being aligned physically.

But anyway, in a long roundabout way I wrote the book to make sure that there was a guide book for men and women, of course, cause there's a really long, the longest chapter in the book is for women, on how to optimize their hormones. So that they could escape the coming insanity of the modernized planet, which is now as full and, frequency, frontal lobe assault everywhere around us now.

 Just look at how suboptimal most people are right now.  Then, combine that with last year where people didn't move around and couldn't go to the gym and, couldn't take care of themselves at all. So it's it's never been more important now than to truly, understand that you have to have health optimization that has to be a driving force in your life.

Do you see a hierarchical relationship? Like a Maslov's hierarchy of needs, so to speak, right? If he's allergy, there's a lot of other layers from the body point of view, basically, if you want to optimize for spiritual development, [00:27:00] whatever that may be or mental development, Hey, guess what to start with the body.

Is there a hierarchical thing for you or is it more. Just they're all lateral or asked me that question before I just did a podcast with a guy in Sweden whose name is Bjorn Lumberg. And he actually met, he talked about that. He said that the reason that he was attracted to interviewing me, it was that he saw me as a guy who had the physical aspects and also was like, exploding the spiritual aspect.

And he's there's no, a lot of people that are teaching what you teach. And like, I liken that to, I think the Greeks, the ancient Greeks did knows this. Like they did know that a sound body, built a sound mind, and then having both of them together would then lead someone down the whole, uh, spiritual path, that the, what is path what's behind those two things.

So I think to answer your question, I think that it's easier [00:28:00] to connect spiritually. When you are physically and energetically balanced, the great Walter Russell said that everything is about balance, right? Rhythmic, balanced interchange. So all systems are functioning equally. Well, fuck up wisdom, balanced interchange, rhythmic, rhythmic, balanced interchange.

Okay. Yeah. Can you explain symphony? So it's basically a symphony. So basically everything is functioning. Equal everything is equal and opposite, but functioning and pure balance. So that's essentially, you know, the existence of mankind is like to get where you're balanced, which obviously for me, I'm hormonally balanced, I'm physically and energetically optimized.

I feel amazing. And now in that spirit or that field, or that energy of frequency of that balanced out aspect of my psyche, [00:29:00] it's easier for me now to receive these quote unquote spiritual downloads or to connect with that energy. Um, you know, there's, I, you know, th the original question is like, you know, are you physically, you know, is it easier when you're physically optimized to be spiritual?

And I absolutely think that it is. And I, I would not have said that, uh, three or four years ago, because I wouldn't have understood it in the way that I understand it. Yeah. Um, yeah, you're right. This is a multi-dimensional conversation. So for any of you who is maybe thinking like, Hey CK, I just want to feel optimized.

I'm not too interested in spirituality. So whatever you guys you are talking about, doesn't interest me. So for those of you that are thinking that way, switch out the word spirituality too deep list. Them to me is anonymous. It's actually not your friend. Right? Deep wisdom is found at the depth of the intersection between the mind, the body, the heart, and the spirit.

[00:30:00] Ultimately like if you want to actually be more productive, be more creative, be more at peace, be more, uh, yeah. Is a good word. Be more optimized. I guess what, having these realms, these, uh, domains being more optimized allows you more spacious. More more creativity come through you. So I would just invite you to think about it.

Don't be so, uh, what's the word I'm looking for? Be so dogmatic about, Hey, I just wanted to optimize my past harassment. Don't talk to me about the mind, the heart emotions and spirit. Just think about more holistically that way. So I can share this with the interesting sidebar, is that a lot of my fans slash followers audience from four or five years ago, who followed me for the peer testosterone optimization now, [00:31:00] and again, this is more part and parcel to like what we're talking about.

Send me emails all the time and say, dude, like you changed everything for me. You know, like I followed you because you helped me with my doctors, you know, optimizing my, my therapy and my, my protocols and stuff. But man, once I started listening to you talk about spirituality. It changed everything for me, man.

So I I'm so grateful, you know, it's like, so, so I, I will tell you this, you know, and, and, you know, we didn't talk about this, but I transitioned to this guy, you know, in 2019, when I came back from Peru and a lot of people said, dude, you're crazy. You jumped the shark. You know, you have literally hundreds of thousands of people who follow you for this.

How can you do this? And I'm like, it doesn't matter. I'm doing it. This is more important. Consciousness is more important. But in doing that, I figured I would lose, you know, a lot of people, bro, I didn't lose anyone. I mean, if anything, I actually gained, some of these people became more intuitive. [00:32:00] What the aspect of what is right.

And what is his consciousness? You know, God force, whatever. But, uh, I've gotten, I'm not kidding you, dude. I've gotten hundreds of emails in the last year from people that said, man, I just want it. You have no idea. Like I'm so grateful. Like at first I was kind of like, well, you know, but he's so smart about testosterone.

So, you know, I'm a, I'm a listen to him and then it's just like that gradual, you know, chipping until they're got to the point where like, man, I started reading some of these books you talk about, you know? And so, so I think there, you know, there is definitely a link. You know, based on just that, that as you become more physically optimized, you do, as you said, you know, deep wisdom, it just becomes a natural order of thinking in that capacity.

You know, there's a lot of guys, CK who are not optimized, dude, they're, they're struggling. Their life is going from one feeling of pain, you know, and inflammation to the next, [00:33:00] you know, and when you remove that obstacle or that layer, you know, from your life, it's just so much easier to like, understand the things that you and I are talking about right now.

So maybe they don't know what they don't know. So therefore they don't even register what is, well, I don't even know what optimized feels like. Right. So maybe. A place to perhaps help guide them as to help them identify what is some of the signs of not being testosterone optimized. Can you share with us, what is the before, you know, are being optimized in terms of low testosterone and so on and so on?

Sure. Um, so obviously I have the data. I also have my opinion, my guess is that right now, 60% of the men in the world are, are suboptimal testosterone wise. And how does that manifest? Like what are the signs? Um, obviously, [00:34:00] um, the, the stereotypical signs are, you know, lack of sexual function, uh, you know, inability to have performance in the gym.

The truth is, you know, the real signs, the most noticeable signs are brain fog and fatigue early in the afternoon. Total lack of energy. Um, sexual dysfunction from a suboptimal level of testosterone in the body is like one of the last symptoms. Most guys, you know, still can have sex and have low testosterone, you know?

And then, you know, obviously it becomes this like badge of honor, you're not saying no, bro. I don't have low testosterone. You know, I still buy my wife three times a week, you know? And it's like, no dude, like low testosterone is a biological system issue where you have a lack of energy, you have a lack of obviously brain power.

You, your sleep sucks. Your metabolically disabled, you, you start, you know, putting on belly [00:35:00] fat because again, your, your, your metabolism is not optimized. Um, you know, so, you know, in reality when testosterone becomes, uh, when you become deficient and to stop. Well, it leads to breakdowns and every aspect of your being, it also disturbs your sleep cycle, disturbs your circadian rhythm, completely disturbed your, your metabolism.

Um, it's just, it's a very, very powerful, you know, overwhelming bio regulator in the world. I mean, in men and women, ultimately, I mean, for both both sexes, um, and by the way, there's only for the purposes of this podcast, there's only two sexes. Um, but it, it it's, it's, it's, it's, it's critically important to help optimize levels of testosterone, whether you're a male or female to function at your best.

And the number one symptom of a deficiency for men specifically, um, is brain fog. And so what happens, they go to their doctor and this is for the ones that actually seek [00:36:00] out help, you know, a lot of guys just silently just go about their day and. That it's just part of age, man. But you know, the average guy goes to his average doctor who has no earth in clue on how to do anything.

You can't even read blood work, can't even order labs. And because again, they're trained by the allopathic model, which is big pharma, how do I make money? How do I write a script that I can do paid? They run him a script for an SSRI, right? Which is a selective serotonin re-uptake inhibitor, which is a mood altering medication.

And then they also cause most of these guys say, I, you know, I I'm struggling to get it up, you know, or I'm not getting the morning would that I once got. So then they write them a script for erectile dysfunction, drug, Viagra, Cialis, Levitra, whatever. And so then the guy goes home and he's literally been medicated with drugs that do not even remotely address the root cause, which is obviously a testosterone deficiency.

Okay. And sadly, and it's [00:37:00] important that we mentioned this. Both of those drugs, specifically, the NSSR actually exacerbate the deficiency of testosterone. Even worse. They create a negative feedback loop makes it worse. Um, you know, all SSRS, all the mood altering drugs are poisons. Don't get me started, but you, you know, those things then screw up with dopaminergic signaling pathways in the brain.

And then before you know, it, the guy's on a fast spiral to having no testosterone. And again, dude, like having testosterone where you're whoa, you know, on the scale one 50, that's like a fate worse than death. You're about to drop some numbers. I know we can go down different rabbit holes that way you're well aware, but I wanted to just hone in on the, the indicators, you know, I'm reading your book, um, how you feel.

How energized you feel, you know, the libido, um, obviously the cosmetic people care about that. [00:38:00] Right. And, and I think one thing that you didn't mention and want to mention that underline, that is the confidence you feel. I remember back in when I was 18, how I felt inside, right? There's this like surge of life, energy, just pulsating.

Like can't wait to get out. Yeah. I'm 42 now. And I can actually see the difference a bit. Hence why I'm actually really excited to be speaking to you because I know now, now I'm at the age, I can just cruise based on that. Right. My biology anymore. I got to put in some maintenance work. And then now I'm also looking at you just based on just the energy that you speak.

And I'm like, holy shit. You know, Jay is very energized at one little bit of that. So yeah. And honestly, this is all because of testosterone optimization. I tell people that all the time that like, you know, energetically, this is how I am, dude. You could roll me out of bed at four in the morning. And you know, I might need to, you know, drink a little bit of caffeine or, you know, get, take a piss or drink water or something.

But [00:39:00] like, this is who I am. Right? So I'm like this all the time now, you know, before testosterone optimization, you know, I was an energetic person, but nothing like this, you know, so, I mean, ultimately when you get balanced and optimized on therapeutic testosterone, you can pretty much conquer the world, man.

And obviously it has all sorts of other aspects. Uh, you know, it slows that completely suppresses. So now Clinton now clearly, and honestly, I advocate living a clean, low inflammation lifestyle, but, uh, hold on. Yeah. Before you go to that, I definitely want to ask you about the, the visceral inflammation, dark side, the visceral fat, and it's causing the inflammation.

So put a pin on that for just a moment. What are some of the myth of testosterone? Cause I know you're big on that. So just mention a few, some of the MIS I think that's the best word. Sure. I mean, in, in truth, [00:40:00] um, and I can't wait to come back to metal later and talk about this, you know, like a round table or something like that, you know?

Cause I tell people this all the time and you know, you know this cause it's in the book. Uh, and I actually just did a webinar with a guy that I've been mentoring who's in Europe. Who's a big men's health coach, um, about like the latest and greatest on this. And it's going to be, it's phenomenal. It's the most profound thing I've ever done.

It's coming out probably a month or so, but, uh, There are no side effects of using therapeutic testosterone when it's done correctly. Now, I say that with the caveat that most people do not do this correctly, 98% of doctors on this planet have no, I want to swear so bad because it's the emphasis. Yeah, we're done.

I want to, I don't want it. I know, but I don't anymore. I don't want any more because I know the energy and frequency of that word is not good. They have no clue. Okay about doing this and I'm not disparaging them or degrading them in any way. Again, I will say that there is no [00:41:00] standard patient care model in allopathic medicine for treating hormone deficiencies.

Okay. But when you become an alchemical master and you realize what causes the dysfunction of energy in human bodies, you know, because again, we're just, you know, meat, puppets, flush puppets, uh, you realize that it's all hormonally regulated, you know? Um, so ultimately if you do this right, there are no side effects now in the media last 30 to 40 years.

People have mentioned therapeutic testosterone with anabolic steroids. And I want to make sure that people understand this is a huge difference. Okay. Anabolic steroids are super physiologic levels of all sorts of polypharmacy and drugs to have bodybuilders look like cartoon characters on stage, you know, to morph their bodies into massive levels of muscle and all that stuff.

And look, man, I respect [00:42:00] bodybuilders. I consult with the top guys in the world all the time, but you know, ultimately that's totally different, you know, and that is ultimately very harmful to long-term health. You know, they're putting their biological systems that are all sorts of duress. Therapeutic testosterone is a micro dosage of testosterone, essentially not replacing again.

That's a misnomer. You are optimizing your current levels and testosterone, sensate or attenuates starting at about the age of 33 years. Okay. And there's, you know, percentages of decline that they give out, but that's all BS because all of that data is from fifties. Today. We live in the most contaminated world ever.

Okay. From the plastic, from the blue light, you know, I think I said this to Ken on the thing from the hallway, the poly grade, you know, high carbon plastic on the phones. Dude, we're being a nihilistic. Our endocrine systems are facing [00:43:00] disruption on everything. Sure. Okay. So it's a totally new for day and age now.

So I mean, guys in their early twenties have testosterone deficiencies, you know, you've also got porn addictions, video game, addictions, blue light addictions that rewire the brain again, the dopaminergic signaling pathways get corrupted. And so testosterone is not being produced. It's not iron, it's not pulsating like it normally does.

So again, know, it's just a really corrosive environment for hormone optimization. So knowing all of that is I always say testosterone as the biggest tool in the tool belt is the ultimate solution when done right again, under the care of a physician that knows what they're doing. And that is the problem.

There are not many, there are enough, you know, and if you're friends with me, you will be connected to some of them. Uh, but it's, it's, it's brutal, bro. I mean, you know, the average guy today who isn't connected, you know, will go to his doctor. And if the doctor is [00:44:00] like open-minded and proactive enough to say, yeah, you know, I'll write you a script for testosterone.

They don't know what they're doing. You know what I'm saying? Like they don't know how to even interpret lab. You know, to understand a lab, you know, and again, I don't want to get super esoteric until you asked me to get us with Tara, but like, you know, with guys read total testosterone levels, that's meaningless number free testosterone is the only level that means anything because free testosterone is what is called biologically active testosterone, which is Unbound, meaning usable by the body.

So a total testosterone level that the average physician will read, who ultimately will say, and we, and we need to talk about this because it's important, but they will ultimately look at the levels and they have no understanding of it at all. And they'll be like, oh, you're fine. You know, because it'll show up in the gradient in the standard mean deviations in the clinical ranges that your average an average is literally [00:45:00] comorbid.

You know, you're sick. You're functionally this close to like having type two diabetes or insulin resistance or metabolic disorder. Right. So then those guys don't write the script because a, they don't know how to do it B um, it shows on the range that they're normal and see, um, they don't make any money if they did.

So it's like, you're not gonna ever get, you know, again, uh, like a family care doctor, a PPO doctor, HMO doctor, to write you a testosterone script, you have to seek out a very specialized, you know, practitioner who has an experiential body of work. Like I said, you know, with Ken, you know, you don't want to work with anybody unless you they've been at least working with patients, managing hormones for 10 years, you know, doing anything less than that.

You're just kind of playing Russian roulette with your health. Yeah. And the endocrine system is, is really intricate, you know, mess with it. Yeah. I really like the way [00:46:00] you're treating them. Health is holistic because oftentimes, especially for in persist, right. People who would want to data, they think in simple terms, let me just do a multi-variable experiment.

And then, you know, input comes in, I'll put, comes out and that's the only two things I measure the body usually complex. It's not a singular variable, you know, take a lever here. This thing comes up there. It's and especially if you're playing with multi-variable. So I love that you treat it as a very complex.

One two, you also said, you know, books and your PA other podcasts that, you know, start with one variable at a time. Right? Don't because you have no idea. If you've played with five variables, you don't know what happened. So, and that's what the average doctor does because they're trying to make money. They started off with this, this, this, and this, and now you've got five chemical agents in the, you know, humans, metabolism, you know, biological systems and you're right.

You have [00:47:00] no idea what is doing what it did. It's crazy. I mean, I've, I've seen it all. I absolutely see it all, but yes. I mean, when you first start this process to solve certain isolation and then measure, you know, quantify track, see what happens. But 99% of men, if done that way, which obviously is what I recommend.

It's phenomenal. Their life completely changes. Now, again, there's always exceptions. There's always out outliers. There's. Uh, you know, what are considered gene mutations, you know, polymorphism expression type things. Um, one of the things I recommend and I'll do, I'll talk about this, you know, in metal when we to go really deep as like, before you start this therapy nowadays, like if you really want to understand and, you know, be as proactive as possible, you should have your genes mapped.

There are guys out there in the DJs. One of them, there's a number of them now who will, you know, measure your DNA. You can just get your 23andme or ancestry or whatever there's other companies now, uh, and you can send it to them for [00:48:00] 300 bucks. And he'll tell you if you have any genetic proclivity to developing a mutation by using therapeutics testosterone

I mean, who's, you know, why would you not do that now with that kind of knowledge and that kind of like, you know, deep learning that we have access to, to potentially prevent anything that might happen. But again, it's very rare. Remember testosterone is something that's so natural hormone in our bodies that starts to SSA in less than as we age.

Why would you not give yourself the, the elixir of life as you start to age in, again, a therapeutic dosage to enhance all your biological systems? I do want to get to more of the protocol treatment slash treatment type stuff. Again, put a pin on that. I have, I have, um, one thing I want to underline is ask some follow-up questions.

So you did say this, but you blew by it very quickly. These days. Uh, men, even as young as in their twenties are not have [00:49:00] lower testosterone. So it's no longer like, Hey, when you turn you're in your mid age, then you started thinking about it is really just about looking at the symptoms. Now, do you have brain fog?

Do you have low energy? Do you have low libido and so on? And so on as a way to start testing, whereas it to look at this in terms, is that correct project? Yeah, that's a hundred percent correct. I mean, uh, the, the top doctors out there right now are seeing kids as low as 18, 7, 17, 18, 19 with low testosterone.

It's a, it's an epidemic. Now I have some questions. That's not necessarily a clinical. These are some friends of mine and they want to know because, uh, they've heard that when they ejaculate actually caused them to lose testosterone or with what they learned from the taoist masters, right. You're supposed to retain your semen as a way to cultivate your masculine health and so forth.

Do you have any comments on it? Um, I mean, I'm very [00:50:00] familiar with like, not, uh, masturbating and, and retaining, and this is a spiritual thing. Um, well, I'll put it this way. Like the more advanced spiritually you get, you know, if we looking, if we're quantifying this where your empiricists and you know, we're looking at that, you know, the Hawkins, the map of consciousness and the calibrated levels, the higher, your vibration, the last root chakra energy you tap.

So the less likely you are going to want to have sex. Now, obviously I don't want to get into a conversation about sacred sexuality, which I could, um, where that's different when you're with like a partner and it's like a divine aspect. And I have that I'm very blessed in my life, or I shouldn't say blessed.

That's a bad word blissed in my life by the distinction. Uh, it's just that it's something I've recently learned. It's like a root language word that has been used against us. So when we say, blah, you go down a rabbit hole. Okay. We'll come back later for us. It's not what we think [00:51:00] it means, but, um, but anyway, um, in, in, in reality, you, you, you know, it's same in retention, uh, again, advancing your consciousness.

You're not going to tap the aspects of physicality from a sexual, you know, dynamic standpoint because dude look at the end of the day, sex is for procreation. Okay. We have obviously as humans and the ego mind falling in consciousness, doing all the things we've done, you know, we've made sex this something else.

Right. And I'm not saying that. I haven't got kinky as hell and, you know, freaked out the points in my life and, you know, enjoyed all that. That's all cool and stuff, but like realistically sex is for procreation. Um, so, you know, if you're going to hold back your semen for energy, uh, then yeah, you're, you're, you're getting into a spirituality aspect to get it's the whole old Nightingale, you know, you're transmuting sexual loss and sexual energy for higher conscious [00:52:00] work and creativity.

But as far as like losing testosterone or, you know, suppressing testosterone and doing that, no, there's no, I mean, there's no proven measurement that you, you would be saying that you would enhance your testosterone by doing that. No. Okay, great. Thank you for that. Uh, definitely. Oh, I'll go down that rabbit hole a little bit, but I want to finish asking my friends question about the impact of sleep quality on the  hormonal health.

For me. Is there a direct correlation? Oh, it's absolutely massive. It's massive. It's absolutely massive blue light. Why are you not wearing a blue light glasses bro? Blue light suppresses testosterone. I mean, I'm, I'm literally, I read at least a hundred studies about what this light does to biological systems and it just, it degrades everything, you know, ultimately, so something that's important.

Um, I think to understand, and maybe I'm going a little bit in advance is like, cause you were [00:53:00] talking about complex systems just to, to optimize testosterone. You also have to optimize the pancreas and you have to optimize the thyroid. It's a trial. Okay. In the endocrine systems, the thyroid gland is very, very powerful Glenn, right?

Regulates core body temperature, and a lot of other things, of course, testosterone regulates the, you know, the androgen, um, and male sex differentiation, female sex differentiation. And then, uh, the pancreas, you know, regulates your metabolism and, and most importantly, your, uh, microbiome right. Which is now they know, uh, the gut brain may be more important than his brain, right?

So like, you know, ultimately you cannot optimize testosterone without optimizing those other two things. So whenever I talk about optimization with testosterone, I don't forget to talk about those other things, so we can go deeper and talk about how you optimize thyroid. How do you optimize the pancreas if you want, you know, at some point, yeah, actually let's, let's go into the, sort of the protocol.

Now. I want to [00:54:00] quote your, your book real quick. Um, you had said, let me just make sure I find it correct. Uh, rights. You said a natural intervention or intervention involves optimizing your lifestyle to get significant sunlight every day, starting in weight training program and eating a diet rich in healthy fats and low in carbs.

That's a natural intervention. First, before you get into the pharmaceutical, then you just sort of call it all the hacks and this and that. So maybe that's where we can start. Do you want to say more about what are your protocol? Yeah. Yeah. Well, I mean, so, so that's very important and I'm glad you brought that up.

Cause I let people know that I always. What people to pursue every natural Agilent and, um, you know, potential, uh, re remediation before seeking pharmaceutical grade testosterone. Again, testosterone pharmaceutically is the biggest tool in the tool belt. And ultimately will allow [00:55:00] the majority of men and women to overcome the hormonal imbalance or deficiency issues that ultimately is likely to come on at some point in their life due to the environment, environmental contamination.

Um, and I think it's important that guys know too, that we didn't because we had mentioned this, but we did, obviously when I was talking to Ken, um, 1920 to 1950, the, our forefathers, our, our dads, our grandfathers had three times. We times the level of total testosterone and free testosterone that we have right now.

And again, that's all environmental, this is all environmental. So it's like, you know, I always like to say that that people can understand how much worse it is now than it was back then. You know, so guys then we're walking around with total testosterone levels on average of a thousand and. You know, free testosterones of 25 to 30.

And nowadays again, we're quantifying this now with the scale, you know, the, the, the [00:56:00] Blab ranges they've well, this is what's so crazy. Crazy CK is they've actually lowered the standard mean deviation. So they've lowered the end high end of the range of the low end of the range. Now we could put our tinfoil hats on and say that that's a conspiracy, or, and I think it's a little of both.

We could say what they say, which is, oh, no, we've lowered the ranges because everybody is fat and metabolically disabled. They want to normalize it basically. Yeah. Right. Exactly. Exactly. Right. But that's conspiratorial anyway, because who wants to be normal? Who doesn't want to be optimized. So ultimately you've got that.

You've got the environment, you've got the medical establishment, uh, everything is against you. So what do you do, right? You first do the natural things. Now here's the crazy part about the natural things. And this is why it's such a great question. Why you asked this is one of the top doctors on the planet doing this.

He's been trading hormones for 25 years is one of my [00:57:00] closest friends. His name is Dr. Rob Coleman arc. He's in Dayton, Ohio, very advanced, very well known. He's on the speaking circuit, you know, he's written a number of books has quantified it like this. And by the way, this is in the book too. If you are a type, a anal retentive, super go-get or overachiever, you, you know, and he does it by age groups, right?

So like, if you're under or let's start, let's start at the low end. If you're, uh, if you're 25 to 40 and you're one of those people, you are probably 20 there's, 20% can do it naturally. Okay. If you go to 40 to 50. It's 10% and 50 and up it's less than 1%. So what I mean by that? So I'm quantifying that is that you could, you know, be like me without therapeutic testosterone.

Okay. So blue wants to be that anal and that, [00:58:00] you know, a type area and you know, that, you know, figuring out and planning their life and meticulously doing all these different things versus like, you know, just being a guy, therapeutic testosterone a couple of times a week, or, you know, if you're using a transcriptional, which we'll talk about delivery systems, you know, you just put it on in the morning when you wake up, you know, or take it out of the shower, but you know, that's where we are.

Right? So again, the environment is so contaminated that doing everything right. You still genetically only have, you know, a guy as a guy, you know, 40 and under, you still are only 20%, right. Likely to maintain optimal levels. Right. And then again, 40 to 50 or 10% likely, and then 50. Forget it you're less than 1% again, dude, like look around outside the average 50 year old guy in the west has low testosterone.

I mean, it's just that simple to look at, you know, not just physically, you know, but meet them, talk to them, [00:59:00] energetically you, how many guys I've had from the metal have reached out to me. Uh, I'm sure. A lot, but so, so, so this is an epidemic and it is in non described. It is a non talked about no one is speaking about this at the way that they should be.

It's just like accepted, you know, to. Oh, you're fine. You know, you're 52 and this is just a natural part of aging. Just accept the fact that you feel like shit and have low energy, you know, and that's, it doesn't have to, it doesn't have to be that way as you know, I mean, again, I'm living proof and I've helped literally hundreds of thousands of people around the world, you know, overcome this, you know, and it is work, but it's like anything in life, man, you, you have to help give people a roadmap.

Yeah. Super important. So if I'm hearing you right, um, get your blood tested, get a good [01:00:00] doctor. So then he, or she can help you read the data, uh, adjust your lifestyle, right. So even before looking at the other exotic earnest type of modalities, even though you said, you know, those 20% before 40 10%, was it 1%?

I can't remember. Yeah. 10% 40 to 50. And then 1%, even though it's that the environmental factors are stacked against you, but that's where you start, right? Exactly. Yeah. No, a hundred percent. And you know, um, it's, it's important. So some of these things that you also had mentioned avoid alcohol in excess, avoid sugar in excess, uh, avoid, uh, and then get six plus hours of sleep. So as an Asian person, who's stable in there. Diet is rice. Yep. Would you say to me, just like, forget about rice and just get a primal caveman [01:01:00] diet.

No, dude. Rice is great. I eat plenty of rice. Um, if you want to go into nutrition

pretty much a master on too. Yeah, you are. So I want to know, right? Like what, so now I'm at that stage, right? I am, uh, seeing like, oh yeah, it's a diminishing that dah, dah, dah. I want to now focus my effort in optimizing my testosterone level. And um, so let's start with nutrition. What do I want, what do I do?

That's number one, number, number one thing to improve. Their overall standard of life is to improve your nutrition because you know, this is a funny quiz, but it's too late now because you know, people will know what it is, but the most powerful drug that anyone could put into their body, if you would ask a hundred people in and, uh, you know, the allopathic medical profession they would reach.

And they [01:02:00] would just thinking of all these pharmaceutical drugs, right. And it's always food. Food is the most powerful drug because bio molecularly, as you know, we are all unique. And so when you put food in the human digestive tract, before we'll cut on Amex and the biomolecular changes that are happening in that tract are insane.

Um, from a permutation standpoint, but then also again, unique to that individual. So every time someone eats food, it causes a different response. Then, you know, we don't have to get into the details of like, you know, they're in Selema response. You know, some people have a fast up of insulin and some people can just eat sugar all day and have a six pack.

Right. It's just, we're all different, you know, the aliens tweaked us, whatever, but also the age as well. Multi-variable multivariable. So ultimately from a nutritional standpoint, [01:03:00] I like to speak. And I talk about this in my newest book, which is old now 2019 August, I'm living a fully optimized life. That what is most important is not the type of diet.

Okay. It's not whether you're keto or Atkins or carnivore or low carb or high carb or a faster, right. I've written two books on fasting. Um, it's about metabolic flexibility. And what metabolic flexibility means is how are you fueling your body based on your unique, energetic demands? Okay. So if you are a bodybuilder, it's likely you're going to need carbohydrates to fuel.

You're training at some capacity, right? Because you need glycogen, which is the stored form of carbohydrate glucose to fuel the energetic demand of lifting weights. Okay. Just as a endurance athlete, maybe a [01:04:00] Ironman person or somebody like that, you know, can use a ketogenic diet to fuel their performance because it's proven that ketones can help with like, you know, longterm, uh, non, uh, aerobic, I'm sorry, non aerobic activities.

Right. So how your life, how you live your life, energetically determines your ultimate fuel source. So if you're remaining metabolically flexible, you're utilizing everything to your advantage, you know, to fuel you at that best specific time. Right? So for someone like me, uh, does use me because I know me really well.

Um, I fast every other day now in my book, In my books, uh, the blowtorch diet, which you should definitely read, uh, and, uh, that's version of that is called guaranteed shredded. It was kind of a bro book, but it's very guaranteed shredded shredded. It's a total bro book, [01:05:00] but it's very advanced science. It's it's, it's like, okay, you read the blowtorch diet and now you want to take your body fat to single digit levels and you want to look absolutely the best you've ever looked at your life.

How do you do this in the context of health and longevity and still do it? Right? So that's how I wrote that book. But, um, the blowtorch diet is literally a diet that's based on alternative day fasting. Now, when I wrote that book, that was the book I wrote before the Bible. It's also very deep learning, a lot of science in that book too.

I was reading Jason Fung. So, you know, Dr. Jason Fung has written a bunch of awesome books. There'll be city code, you know, whatever, you know, uh, fasting books, but one of his fasting books, I was reading some of the research, like a dork that I am, and I found a study about alternative day fasting. And I was like, wow, I've been doing this shit naturally.

At least since 2008, you know, cause I, to my personal clients and stuff back then I had created this diet and it was like, I written a white paper on it on like how to fast and how to do it for, you know, [01:06:00] maximum muscle and maximum energy and obviously getting as lean as possible. Um, and so when I read that study, which was back in 2016, I was like, holy shit, how did I figure this out?

So again, it's kind of like that old, some sort of divine aspect that I was given this information and I was just using it myself. And now here is the science to confirm this. Anyway, when I wrote the book it's about every other day. So how it's set up is you train and you. And you, obviously, again, if you're training, lifting, you're eating to fuel your energetic demands of lifting and then the next day you're fasting.

Okay. And when you're fasting your also doing moderate, moderate, intensity, low impact cardiovascular activity, um, to increase all the, you know, various biochemical cascades that occur during fasting, which is obviously autophagy and hormesis and all these other things. And so if you do that and you become very scientific and very religious about fasting one [01:07:00] day, eating and training the next day, and you make that your lifestyle, you lower your body fat tremendously.

Uh, you maintain that condition all the time. You also, uh, again, create a life or a body that is, has no inflammation because when you're fasting and you know, I don't want to go, you know, we, if you want to do another podcast one day and get into the dorkiness and science of fasting, I'm happy too. Cause I know it all, but when you're fasting.

You create life extension because the biochemical cascades of fasting enhance cellular mytosis and get rid of all of the free Oxy radicals, and basically the bio D contaminants that are inside yourselves from eating all the time. You know? So it's like, it's, it's, it's hilarious. Right? Cause I think back in the nineties and like, you know, there are all these books and diets like, man, you got to eat six times.

It's just fucking saying, oh, I just said my bad, [01:08:00] but it's like, it's crazy to like, realize like, you know, how fast we learn and how much we really don't know anything. Right. It's like the more you look, the more, you know, the less you do, right. So it's like, it's crazy, but, um, fasting will extend your life more than anything else.

And when you throw in therapeutic testosterone and Metformin and a little bit of thyroid modulation combined with fasting and you'll live to 120. No problem. And look like you're 60, you know, the 70, 75 probably. Um, no problem. Right. So, I mean like, so, so, so basically my recommendation for anybody, regardless of your genetics, and we're all different is, you know, experiment with fasting.

Uh, if you want to get really serious with it, you know, experiment with like every other day fast, I think it's a very simple lifestyle. You don't have to meal prep. You don't have to really prepare your food. It's not time consuming. You know, it's not mentally draining. It's just like, dude, Hey today, I'm not [01:09:00] going to eat tomorrow.

I do what I do eat. I'm going to train that day, you know? So I'm going to fuel my, my, uh, training. Right. And it's just, it works wonders. I mean, literally I've had hundreds of thousands of people around the world use that diet and it becomes a lifestyle. I don't like saying diet, right? It's a lifestyle, you know, like what's going to motivate you, you know, I have attempted who experimented with fasting 40 hour fasting.

It was really painful, but I really liked the idea of 24 hours. I can definitely do 24 hours for sure. Yeah. But without any kind of like side effects and things like that. Okay. So, well, just so you know, um, painful for fasting means you have an imbalance in your microbiome, and I can cure that or solve that with anyone.

I mean, you know, berberine that foreman, um, there there's, there's ways to hack that, you know, we can talk about that. I mean, you know, I've written a book, an article on Metformin that's [01:10:00] published in the Harvard review. Um, he basically met foreman will cleanse the microbiome increase. Akkermansia. Okay. And Aqua Montse has obviously all the healthy bacteria that you need in the microbiome.

So once you kill whatever is growing in your stomach and everyone has shit growing in their stomach until you don't, um, then fasting becomes simple. I'll give literally fast for 10 days and not even be affected. Yeah. The state of mind. Yeah. I was hanging out with a, with a guide survival guide who basically helps a national geographic and discovery channel to take them to the Plains of, uh, Sarandon.

Right. And then he does these sub like 10 days, survival retreat for a hundred miles. And then he would say things like, oh yeah, you know, I can not eat for seven days. It doesn't even bother me. So you're [01:11:00] the second person who says something like that. That's amazing. I've never heard anyone else say things like that.

Yeah. It's I mean, I, I, you know, you do have to become fast adapted, but it's, uh, it it's a state that anyone can attain. Anyone can get to. Um, and, and even truthfully, like for most people, bro, like, I mean, look man, this is C K J like we're going deep here. Like fasting is not 14 or 16 hours. That's. Yeah, the scientifically you're not fasting until your body is in autophagy.

And all of the science shows that autophagy and hormesis doesn't happen until 17 plus hours of fasting. So all these books out there and saying, oh man, I'm an intermittent poster. Uh, I don't eat breakfast. You love enough fat man. Fasting is literally creating autophagy and whore basis. You're not fasting if you're not doing those things.

And I'm not telling people to go get their, you know, their bio or their ketones or any of that, you know, [01:12:00] their blood salts measured to see. But I, you know, if you regularly don't eat 18 to 22 hours and that's what normal hardcore, every other day fasters do, you will dramatically change everything about your biological systems.

You will lose body fat, you will lower inflammation. Um, you will just be better, you know, again, you'll have more brain drive neurotrophic factor. I have a whole chapter in the blowtorch diet about what happens between 18 and 44 hours of fasting in the brain. And, you know, obviously all of the great spiritual gurus and sages talked about going into the wilderness to fast in reality, what was happening was they were getting an, a massive production of BDNF brain derived neurotropic factor, which is this, you know, quote unquote connection to the source frequency or, you know, God, you know, I mean, a lot of people think that five MEO DMT is the God molecule, but man brain derived [01:13:00] neurotropic factors, like the next best thing.

Yeah, I so quick recap, you said, um, start with nutrition and then based on the functional life side, that one leads you, whether you're a competitive weightlifter or power lifter, or, you know, ultra marathon runner based on that, then you can adjust your, um, your intake of nutrition accordingly. So I love the conversation that you and Ben Koski Kolsky.

Yeah, yeah. You guys really geek out a lot of data going back and forth. It was very esoteric. But one thing that it did say I did here is training. So if I'm optimizing myself, my body CK, right, as a thought leader, right. Someone who can write three books in a year looking at you, Jay. So I, I'm not a ultra marathoner.

I'm not a CrossFitter, I'm not a powerlifter. I have no desire to do that, but I am optimizing for throughput here. So [01:14:00] inside of that, what exercise. Rituals do you do, do you optimize poor? So it's a great question. So I wanted to go back to like the average metal person. Who's not, you know, a super, you know, fitness competitor, athlete, endurance athlete, you know, just an average guy who wants to be super, super optimal, right?

Like I would recommend some combination of Lord carbohydrates and fasting. And what I mean by that is very simple rule, no carbohydrates after 6:00 PM at night ever. Never. If you're going to eat carbohydrates after 6:00 PM at night, it's gotta be green leafy vegetables or salad. Okay. And even starchy that requires digestion in the small intestines.

You need three hours. I mean, again, this is simple stuff, but over. Um, are not taught and, and, and a lot of people miss this, there's all these people out there now, CK, you probably know [01:15:00] who do what is called the, uh, you know, the man one meal a day, and these dudes and chicks are eating at nine 30 at night, and then going to bed an hour later.

And that is terrible for the microbiome and for the metabolism, your body cannot digest that food, especially with these people, they're eating like 2000 calories in one city. Terrible, terrible idea will cause all sorts of, you know, a cynic and bile and just bad and stuff. And your digestive system that you don't want.

So no carbohydrates after six o'clock, um, and Tabasco. Do some fasting, you know, even if it's just like one day a week or on the weekend, you don't, you don't eat from, you know, whatever time you go to bed at night or whatever time your last meal is on Friday night until six o'clock on Saturday or something like that.

And then you go have a nice meal with your family or whatever, but, uh, that's what I recommend now, training to your question. Um, [01:16:00] you don't have to lift weights, man. If you're not a body weight person, you'll have to also, so, so here's what I to say about that. I was, I should've caveated that you have to do bone bearing resistance training.

So that doesn't mean necessarily weights. It could be, you know, a form of yoga that is plyometric based, you know, static, hold static, stretching, isometric that. But if you want to avoid the issues of old age, Okay, which is bone beds, bone density, issues, spinal decompression, uh, you know, whatever else. I mean, I see so many people in their seventies who fall and break everything.

And why is that? Because they never did bone bearing exercise. If you're one of those dudes out there that thinks that just doing stretching and riding a bike is going to get you an advanced living longer and stronger. No, [01:17:00] no. Um, you have to, there has to be some form of bone bearing exercise again, to strengthen the bone, to have strong bone mineral density.

Cause that's, that is the number one cause of death in the geriatric population. They fall, they break their hair. And then in, you know, post the hip fracture or, you know, a lot of times it's a spiral fracture, they're in the hospital and they die in the hospital from whatever, you know, so it's like, you know, strengthen your bones.

Um, and obviously I'm a huge proponent of weight training. I train in the gym three days a week, bro, at most 30 minutes now I train extremely intense. Now what I mean by that is I do not lift heavy. I'm 50 years old. My joints are very valuable and very important to me. Uh, I trained at a level and actually, you know, it's funny, but I don't care.

But, um, I've had people in the last like six or [01:18:00] seven years telling me like, dude, you should put this training. You should put a training program together and sell it to the world because you could help a lot of people. And I know that's the truth. Um, but it's just not, you know, an interest of mine, but, uh, I'll tell you how to do it.

Like this, this, this works for anyone like. You basically have to go to positive muscle failure. When you train now, how do you get deposited muscle failure? You get the positive muscle failure by picking a weight that you are going to be able to lift in good form and good cadence. Um, but you will fail at 20 reps.

Now, when guys hear that they're like dumb, bro, come on at 20 reps, you can't build muscle or anything like that, but people don't understand. And again, this is so lost in the quote unquote bodybuilding powerlifting strong man world is the only way you can actually create hypertrophy increase in skeletal muscle mass is to tax all three energy systems.

There are three energy [01:19:00] systems that have to be hit when you train. Okay. Aerobic glycolytic glycolytic and anaerobic and most bodybuilders and strongman and strength athletes train in the lower range. Three to five reps, four to six reps, some of them go up to seven to 10 reps and they never hit the aerobic ranges, which is what produces lactic acid.

Lactic acid is what allows the body to increase growth hormone, and obviously clear the growth hormone, which leads to over time. If you get good nutrition and rest and all the other stuff, muscle building and hypertrophy and growth. So in order to like actually exacerbate and the top bodybuilders of all time have always known this.

You have to train in a higher rep range. So as an aging athlete and aging guy training and higher reps is great anyway, because you're not lifting too heavy and you're avoiding the wearing and tearing that heavy. Shorter, um, you know, rep ranges [01:20:00] produce. So for like for me, dude, like I go to the gym and I'm very simple.

My wife trains with me, it's Monday, Wednesday, and Friday. Sometimes it'll be, you know, if I'm traveling, you know, three days that aren't Monday, Wednesday, and Friday, whatever, but it's like, I trained the body as a, as a functional unit. So I just do one exercise for everybody part. So it's like three days in a seven day cycle.

I train my body in a full body workout program. Now I've done splits and I've done all the bodybuilding stuff in the world and I'm not a bodybuilder by any stretch of the imagination. Um, but, um, I find the training. In a unit, you get great neurological, uh, acceptance. The body likes to be trained if you know together, you know, uh, and I'm not against somebody who wants to do a split, right?

Like you want to train three days a week and you want to do chats and back and you want to do shoulders and arms, and then you want to do legs and Delta or whatever. You know what I'm saying? I'm like, I'm fine with that. But like, I like trading the body as a unit, but anyway, the key is training your body to [01:21:00] positive muscle failure.

So what does that mean? Let me explain this. Most guys go to the gym and they do 20 sets, four different exercises, blah, blah, blah. If you do a full body workout, and again, this can be a split, but if you train that muscle, let's say it's your chest, your back, your arms, your legs, whatever positive failure, you only need two sets.

That's it.

Do a couple of warmups do three or four warmups, whatever, if you're in a cold weather environment, you know, and you're not as loose and you don't have the viscosity in your joints, then, you know, do as many warm ups as you need, but then train to absolute positive muscle failure in two sets. Now, what does that mean?

Shoot for 20 reps on your first, second set and 20 reps on your second set. So you have to always pick a weight that is going to allow you to fail, not allow you, but you will fail somewhere around 20 reps. When you start training like [01:22:00] this, the second set becomes murderer because you're like, I can't, I got to get 20 reps on the second set again.

And you're fatigue. You know, you're resting 60 to 90 seconds in between sets, depending on if you're training with a partner or not. But dude, if you train like this and you, you know, it, you're by yourself, it's a 20 to 25 minute workout and you're out of the gym and you have absolutely no injury. The key CK as you age.

To maximize your body is to avoid injury. That is more important than anything else, because if you get injured, you're out. That's right then who cares? That's right, dude. When I see 50 year old plus dudes in the gym, squatting with heavyweights, I just laugh. I want to walk up to them and be like, Hey man, listen, you don't have any, any synovial fluid in your joint capsules.

One deviation is you're coming down on that squat and your spine is compressed and you've got subluxation, [01:23:00] vertebral, vertebral collapse. You're done. You're not walking anywhere. But again, dude, guys, mentally, they just want to keep going. Like they were 25 or 20 or 19 or whatever, and just keep it the way it's it's ego and momentum and all that bullshit.

But like, there's just certain things that an aging bodybuilder slash weight trainer slash you know, health optimizer should not do. And, you know, in my opinion, it's about avoiding injury. How do I avoid injury? How do I go to the gym and maximize my time there and not get hurt? That's it. Quick question about that.

Uh, Lashley two follow up one is, do you do any additional time to stretch or yoga or mobility? Things like that in addition to the muscular? Absolutely. So I see a myofascial release technician. Once a week, uh, to 90 minute session, he does me and my wife blast us, stretches us, you know, all sorts of, you know, it goes through [01:24:00] everything, you know, do the fascial with the, with the knife, you know, the metal, the steel, um, do that every death by stretch and foam roll every day.

Mommy, not dude. I'm like, you know, a psycho. I mean, my I'm very advanced in my like daily ritual shit. Like I, you know, I go, I do my sun gazing. Um, if it's the sun's out early now, if I get my smile, you know, with my dog, I have literally I'm, you know, I can do that. Um, you know, get into it. Or sometimes I just listened to by our old weeds.

Uh, and then I go into my infrared sauna, you know, in my, in my garage, you know, and I'm least, at least, depending on my day, 20 minutes in my infrared sauna and preferably today I did 35 minutes. And then foam rolling dude, before I get in the shower at my, my bedroom, you know, I foam roll for like 10 minutes.

You know, that's something that you have to do right now. I have subluxations in my upper back cause I've been traveling and I I'm seeing my chiropractor today actually at three. Um, but I, I mean, like [01:25:00] I, you know, and I, and obviously I get regularly adjusted my chiropractor, like once a week too, but all of that stuff is absolutely critical.

Yeah. You have to do that stuff. You know, a lot of people don't understand the value of therapeutic deep tissue massage and you know, unfortunately Monica and I saw a woman when we were in LA who's in a, I will tell you where she is because she's not available. She's absolutely amazing. Um, but she's in, uh, like locker center, Glendale area and she does cranial safety.

Massage. Right. So she's removing, you know, the negative energy and stuff like that. You know, she's a Barre, an energy healer, but she's very advanced and, uh, you know, that's, uh, that's one thing I miss not from her. I haven't, cause I haven't seen her since we left LA back in September of last year. But, uh, but all of that stuff is critical, bro.

Definitely. And what about, um, any kind of combative or competitive sparring or sports as a way to cultivate that masculine spirit? I think all of that is great. All that is great until [01:26:00] you hit my age because it's just more, it's just more injuries. Uh, I know tons of guys that spar still at MMA and you know, a lot of guys do gin Creek, what is it?

Uh, um, yeah, yeah, module jujitsu, but what's the other one? What the bone, what's the bone breaking stuff. Whatever. I got plenty of friends that do martial arts training, the problem with martial arts training. And again, I'm not judging. Um, it's. Young buck gets in there and says, Hey, that was far with you.

And you know, if you're like a bad dude at one time and you, you know, like, man, I'm gonna take this dude down when you get hurt, man. When you're my age, you're out out for a long time. And again, it's, you know, it's, it's a marathon, not a sprint. And when you're injured at this age, man, you put on body fat really quick and you just can not recover like you did.

So I I'm very against anything that can hurt me. Right. I [01:27:00] don't ski. I don't. I get invited to skiing at least once a week around the world. I do not ski. I stopped skiing. I used to be a big skier. I love downhill skiing. It's amazing, but it's not for 50 year old people. You can blow your knee skiing. Yeah. I, I really liked the way you kind of, you, you think about it as a lifestyle choice, so, but I'm curious, given that you're also very intentional about your spiritual development too.

I do see that there is a place, you know, whatever it is that one does, I believe it to cultivate that egoic that edge. Right. So I'm curious to know your thoughts. Are you maybe channeling your competitive spirit in other areas where you're like, I don't need it for the body? Like, how do you think about the cultivation of this competitive edge?

Um, it's, it's, it's, it's a good question. I mean, I, you know, I was a basketball player. And I played in a very aggressive adult men's basketball [01:28:00] leagues until I was 34. But dude, I just, you know, the best way, you know, a mentor of mine used to say, Jay, you are a human optimizer, right? Like, you'd look at the world and you like, say, how can I go about life at the maximum of my capabilities?

Um, without getting injured and just being, you know, super productive at all times. And so I think I've just chosen. Yes. There's value in what you're saying, but like there's also risk and the risk does not equate the reward. And so the answer I think to you is. I channeled it through my weight training. I channeled through my cardio.

I'm very active in cardio. I did not say that I definitely do cardio on my obviously non weight training days. I meditate. I literally can meditate when I do cardio. I know that's crazy. But again, I get into that space and I focus on the cadence of me pumping my bike. And I'm not doing high intensity. I'm not doing interval training.

You know, this is like 130. I'm doing my 1 25 to 1 35, [01:29:00] sometimes one 40 heart rate, you know, so I could easily carry on a conversation if I wanted to. Um, but I mean, I channel my energy in my truck. You know? Um, I think, but I, I am not, I don't disagree with, you know, a martial arts, like I think like one of the things I think I wanted to possibly take up at some point, maybe I will, you know, once I get a little bit behind, I'm going to get the company to where I want to get it to where it's, cause I'm working on so much right now, um, is like Tai Chi.

I got to really see the value of that. You know, there's some amazing things in that. So there's definitely things that I could do more of. I don't do enough yoga. My wife and I were doing a yoga class for about a year straight and I, you know, I've lapsed, um, in that, but I mean, I, I definitely see the value in of the things you're talking about.

I just, I don't do it. Anything to me that could create risk to injury. I just avoid, I like that. Thank you. Uh, I also want to give I'm looking at the time Amy, I can talk to you for hours. Um, I do, I do want to get into. [01:30:00] This new category of supplements slash cream that you had talked about. It really peaked my, uh, my curiosity.

Sure. Go ahead. And  cream. Can you say a little bit more about that? So, so, so there's two delivery systems for therapeutic testosterone and that is injectable. Um, and there's now what is called and it's always been around, but in the last three years, me and another doctor, and now no, a bunch of doctors have hopped on it, have kind of pioneered what is called the trans growth, total testosterone application.

So essentially you take a 200 milligram per milliliter cream, and the types are either versa based or HRT based. They're really the same. There's one other competitor in the marketplace now called  and they say there's the lyposomal delivery system and it's better, but it's just more expensive. It's not any different.

Um, you put it out the base of your scrotum. Okay. So you shave a tiny little area at the base of your scrotum. Uh, and you put the testosterone cream [01:31:00] on there in the morning. You get a, you know, an applicator. I don't have it with me, it's in my bathroom, but, uh, it just, you know, it's a copy applicator. Okay, click it, click it.

You just put it on your finger, you know, rub it underneath your book, your balls. And you know, it's dry 20 to 30 minutes. I mean, you put your, you know, your boxers, your whatever, your clothes on right after you do it. Um, and you're good to go. It, it absorbs almost instantly that area of the scrotum is eight times more permeable.

Than any other skin location because of the it's very, very thin, very, very instantly absorbable area. And there's peer review. There's like three or four studies now on the permeability of the scrotum being the best place to, to apply therapeutic cream-based testosterone now important that men don't use Andrew gel or any of those other bogus, you know, big pharma, uh, testosterone, uh, adjuncts, because it's alcohol based, they'll burn the living shit out of your scrotum.

And it's also not, um, it's not [01:32:00] at a dosage strong enough, Andrew gels worthless by the way, but it's not at a dose strong enough to help you. Do you use a compounded, uh, again, 200 milligrams per milliliter cream, but, uh, you apply it once a day. Um, cream applied. There is very, very fast half-life so it molecularly cleaves in the bloodstream extremely fast.

So some men may need a second dose. I'm going to Cabo with my wife tomorrow, as you know, and I will take my cream and if all we want to get for a ski, uh, you know, I'll apply a second dose at night, you know, and you can easily do that. Some guys take a second dose just depending on how they feel. Remember testosterone therapy, therapeutic optimized testosterone is about two-fold goal and that is balanced and happiness.

And it's not in equal order, but, um, some guys will need a second dosage of the cream and some guys don't for me, I just need a morning dosage. But like I said, if I want to get frisky, I wanna [01:33:00] increase my sexual performance. I will do a second dose sometimes when I'm traveling. Yeah. Thanks for sharing that.

He say it's a whole new phrase I've never heard before. And guys, go ahead. I'm just laughing. Yeah. Try and scroll to the sauce room. Yeah. This is a new category I never knew about, um, I was digging through a lot of your YouTube videos. You had talked about the rocket, the infrared sauna and the blue blockers, the air filters, the micro-dosing of Cialis, you know?

Awesome, bro. You did your homework. Yeah. So, um, any of those worth mentioning anything, you know, in the remaining couple more minutes you have. So I got til five til we're good. Um, so we've got, yeah, so we got a good 15 more minutes. Um, so, so microdosing, Cialis is huge. Cialis is very advanced, [01:34:00] uh, uh, you know, it's a, it's a, uh, PD five inhibitor.

Um, but basically what it does, you know, outside of helping, uh, you know, increase erections for men because you know how it works, obviously it stimulates nitric oxide production. So it increases nitric oxide in the, uh, The gland of the penis that help it increase blood flow there it's angiogenic. And so obviously when you get aroused, you know, you get a harder, stronger thicker erection.

But what we now know is that a micro dosage of Seattle is also clear. Vascular networks. So, you know, if you have any kind of plaque buildup or anything like that, you know, a very surgical microdose is going to help in that. It also, um, increases, um, it clears, uh, the dendritic and the synaptic pathways in the brain.

So it does a lot of other things if used in a very micro, you know, surgically precise dose that is very, very good for [01:35:00] health and longevity. So it's basically, um, It helps with endothelial dysfunction, you know, and  dysfunction is like, you know, all of the cells in the body or, um, when things become inflamed and Kira corroded in something like that, due to lifestyle processes like Cialis at a micro dosage is kind of like a cleanser, a cellular cleanser.

It kind of optimize it optimizes upregulates various pathways. So it's actually really, really good. Uh, you won't have a lot of people tell you that, but it's very, very true. It's very accepted. Now. They actually also give it now for people that have benign prostate hypertrophy, which is as you know, getting older, you know, you, all men become, uh, can have issues with their prostate as they age.

In fact, it's reading that if you hit 80, you'll have some form of mild prostate. Yeah. You know, you know, you won't, you're not gonna likely die from it that you might have, you know, some metastasized part of your prostate that is cancerous, but whatever, [01:36:00] it's now like a first-line treatment for people that have the narrowing, uh, or the, you know, again, the benign prostatic increase of the size of the prostate as you age.

So they use that to actually dilate the prostate so that your urine, uh, stream is a lot stronger. So that's actually really good. Um, what were some of the other things? So, so, uh, this is another friend who's keen on having ejaculation to be as strong as he once had. Would that the micro-dosing of CLS help him do that?

No. No. It's different, different, different functioning. Um, they'll definitely have a good erection. Hmm. Okay. Actually I should add, um, a microdose of Seattle is before you weight train is the best form of pre-work. Because that increases nitric oxide formation far better than any bullshit pre-workout that you could use.

So it's actually 2.5 to five milligrams before you work out like 20 to 30 minutes. It's amazing for the pump. Hmm. Interesting. Thanks for [01:37:00] that. Never a thought, but the two and two together. So, I mean, there's so much, so in about a few days, I'm going to be speaking to Orpheus black. He's an well-known sex coach and in for him or people like him, uh, I've spoken to a number of them who.

Believes from their mental model, that sex is a way to spirituality and spiritual development as well. I know that you had earlier mentioned about the lower chakras. Can you maybe reconcile that a little bit? Yeah, no, absolutely. So sacred sexuality is what he's going to be talking about. That is like the highest level of sexual awareness.

And that's when you are in the presence of a divine, there's a divine feminine and the divine masculine, and there's a combination of the energies, um, you know, to seek or experience, uh, you know, a higher energetic awareness. You know, there's a really amazing book. [01:38:00] Um, that's called finding God through sex.

It's written by David de. And, you know, he talks a lot about the sacred sexuality aspect, you know, Dr. Jerry Rivera. Henio also teaches courses on sexual sacred sexuality. So there's a lot of amazing stuff that, you know, again, when you're with two people who are practicing sacred sexuality, but sexuality by itself and enlarge, you know, with porn and all of this degradation, um, you know, that's what I'm talking about.

Like lower root chakra, you know, people are so caught up in that, you know, and they're not, you know, preserving that energy or transmuting that energy for, uh, you know, sacred purposes. Got it. Thank you for that, for that clarity or clarification can wait, sir. So if you were to. I know that you are also super deep on this spiritual development now, so let's tie it back to spiritual development.

So we had just geek out a little bit of your wisdom about sort of the protocols and nutrition and [01:39:00] exercise and little bit of the trans squirrel cream in exotic penis cream, as a way to augment, um, the testosterone levels in the body and optimize it further. So now tying it back to, um, who you are, you are an evangelist for wisdom, right?

For the lack of better words. And you've been writing books, you continue to write books, you continue to go on podcasts and give talks. What are some of the ways that you've seen to be effective, to be this conduit, to uplift the collective vibration and the conscious. Thank you. Uh, and by the way, I'm honored to be here today.

Pretty awesome. I really appreciate the opportunity to speak with you. It's been amazing. Um, so from the energy of gratitude, I'll answer that question. Um, for me, man, I dis my jam talking about spirituality and talking about consciousness. You know, when I came back from Peru and I, you know, became this guy, it didn't [01:40:00] matter.

I knew from being in the sacred valley, that the only thing that mattered on planet earth right now, regardless, is how many people are resistant to this is raising human consciousness. All of us have to get to a place where we understand that we are all connected. You know, all life is sentience. All life is conscious and all of us are connected.

You know, all of the great wisdom teachers and gurus and sages knew that. And that's where this planet has to go. Unless we blow ourselves up again, and I'm sure we blown ourselves up so many goddamn times, you know, and we are now, as you can tell, we're like on the cusp of blowing ourselves up, I'm calling and making it my state of being that we're entering a golden age and I am part of golden age.

You know, I call myself a new earth architect because I am, you know, we haven't even talked about the company, you know, that I'm involved with it. I know it's probably not a conversation for today, but I mean, we are making insane products that tackle, you know, issues that humans have dealt with forever with [01:41:00] no real recourse, right?

Hair loss, hair, hair, regrowth, facial issues, you know, melasma sunspots, all these things that people have had to deal with. You know, we're creating these amazing products that help, uh, what I call golden age products that would help with, you know, restoring vitality and rejuvenating and restoration and stuff like that for previously, the things that there were no cures for, you know, other than like, um, You know, um, what would I call it?

Like, uh, you know, sorcery, you know, uh, snake oil. Um, so in re in reality, um, you know, my take now is that I want to talk about spirituality and consciousness with anybody who's open to speaking to me about it, because it's the only thing that matters CK really is. There is absolutely nothing else, you know, talking about scaling your company or building this, or building that or making money or helping, or doing this or doing that.

None of that matters because this planet is on a trajectory right now that I, like I said, it's a [01:42:00] coin flip, you know, whether we blow ourselves up again and we won't blow ourselves up, if we all become unified and we all become collectively organized by the idea that we're all the same, you know, that all of us are connected as spiritual level, you know, from a soul level, from a spiritual level.

And when you recognize that, you know, you can't have anger. Or hatred or, you know, become this passionate about other people, regardless of their sex, their color, their creed, you know, their origin, their beliefs, or any of that stuff. It's like, who cares? We're all here to grow and learn from one another.

And until you recognize that that is the primary motive, you know, the, you know, the really modus operandi of humans than like your. In service to what I would say, self, you know, and it's all about being in service to others. And I don't even like saying service to others anymore, like saying service to creation because everything that's alive is conscious and Cynthia and [01:43:00] everything that's conscious.

Insentience wants to let live. And once to have the best, you know, possible, uh, environment, you know, even from like the trees and the rocks and the mountains and the leaves, you know, everything is alive. And if we respect that and unite with that idea, you know, nobody is going to trample anybody else, you know, we're not going to degrade the earth and depopulate the planet and, you know, cause deforestation and do all these things, you know, because we're all going to be motivated and driven to get it.

And receive the best life possible. And the only way that's going to happen is if we're all unified and right now we're still not unified. And I don't know if we've ever really had that maybe in Atlantis maybe before Atlantis, you know, then the so-called golden age is, but I am, I am absolutely assured.

That we are going to enter a golden age. And I know also deep down, you know, through my meditations and my work and, you know, my, the people that I spiritually work with and mentor with that, I'm going [01:44:00] to help lead that. And, you know, there are a number I would say, you're one of those people, you know, there are a number of us out there building the new earth and we're working towards, or on that path right now to create that.

And I am going to manifest that consciousness no matter what. So nothing is going to stop me from understanding and making that my reality. Thanks for sharing that. I mean, for sure, you're very passionate about this and thanks for recognizing that I'm one of them to show for cause and you being a four time author, I think you're writing a couple of books, probably somewhere else doing your weekends as well.

Yeah. So what mechanisms have you found to be effective to, you know, fulfill that outcome, you know, to bring people to this unifying, you know, field and up-level their consciousness. From your perspective, what is moving the needle based on your point of view? Um, my meditation, you know, just, just getting to a point, you know, and meditation is a lot of different things to a lot of different people, but, [01:45:00] uh, you know, just attaining stillness, uh, you know, the, the idea of every day that I can go into that field and I can realize that everything is perfect as it is, and, you know, no third dimensional aspect of whatever that, you know, we're all co-creating right now really ultimately, um, is the limiting factor in that, you know, you, as a being, as a conscious person can choose, you know, through your words, through your thoughts, through your actions to create your heaven on earth.

And I am creating love the, you know, the, I am consciousness. I am creating heaven on earth by serving as many possible people as I can. At my highest and best whenever I get the opportunity. So, I mean, it starts right here. It starts right now. Like, you know, you giving me the opportunity to talk about things.

Other people will hear this other people will have a light bulb moment and say, oh yeah, I resonate with that. You know, that Jay Campbell, dude's pretty interesting. You know, I'm going to go follow him and then, you know, it's the [01:46:00] hundredth monkey. Right? So then, bye. So I know about the hundredth monkey say, say more about the hundredth monkey.

A hundredth monkey effect is like a known, you know, uh, you know, uh, observation where essentially once you get a hundred monkeys, uh, understanding and unison like doing one thing, it becomes this instinctual thing amongst the whole population. So essentially to apply it to the collective, uh, vibration of humanity is like, once you get enough people vibrating over the line of integrity, again, to use the.

No quantifiable scale of consciousness, where they're up into courage, neutrality, willingness, and acceptance, then you're going to have the whole planet vibrating at the same level. So, I mean like Hawkins talked about, you know, he didn't use the hundredth monkey, but he talked about getting the collective consciousness where 15 to 18% of people were at the line of courage, which is above the line of integrity.

So [01:47:00] below the line of integrity at 1 75 is serviced to self at courage is 200 service to others. And I don't like saying, oh, there's I like saying creation because that's everybody. So ultimately getting to that point where enough of us are totally unified and serving creation and then boom. The duality trap, you know, the dis the discord and the disunion, and the disharmony also just drops.

And we're all now United sovereign empowered and free of, you know, whatever, you know, traps or duality, or, you know, just again, the whole divide and conquer construct that has kept us in place for so long. Hmm. What I'm getting from what you said, Jay, is that it's ultimately about one's cultivation of only one's own sovereignty, because in my mind, this is my CKS point of view.

Yeah. I used to dream about achieving some enlightenment state permanently, right. That's that's my youthful desire, [01:48:00] but then realized we don't, even though I touch on that point, you know, plant medicine, ceremony, meditation, whatever it is that I do, I touched it, but I go back to whatever it's like the ocean, right?

The ocean doesn't stay still. So my point of view is. Cultivating these type of practices, such that I can just be more aware like, oh yeah, I guess what, I'm down here. You work my way back. Oh yeah. I'm up here. Oh, great. Uh, let me enjoy this moment for a moment. And then I'm going to come back down knowing that the, you know, the law of the universe is impermanence.

I'm curious to know your thoughts about how you think about, I guess, you know, the, the scale behind you isn't is it a permanent level of spaces or is it, you know, is it the ebb and flow? The dynamic thing that I just talked about? Yeah, it's an ebb and flow. Um, I think the best way to say it, and we could end the show on this is that each of us especially motivated [01:49:00] go-getters your type a personalities, you know, people that are achievers high achievers, we have to become humans being instead of humans doing.

And the more we're being. Instead of doing, which is thinking and calculating and planning and building and stuff like that. And just existing, but from a state of divinity where it's like, wow, this is such a gift to be alive. There's work. I hear the birds. My dog is like rubbing up against my leg. That's genuinely being and where we can get to a place where being is our conscious state.

And that's again, just an awareness that, of like, Hey man, I'm being right now, I'm being on CK show. And this is a humble blessing for me. Wow. Right? Like getting yourself to existing as a state of being that's a blessing [01:50:00] and that you're happy and you're enjoying and you're happy. That's the key, you know, doing this great.

Don't get me wrong. You're scale your company make a hundred million dollars, whatever, you know, serve humanity. But. It's about being, and it's about the conscious recognition that being is what's most important. So be a human being. Jay, I want to take just a few minutes to really acknowledge you, how you show up.

We don't really know each other. You showed up nonetheless, ready to serve creation. We went into a lot of different rabbit holes, you know, had a multidimensional conversation from SaaS or, um, uh, you know, uh, optimizations who a little bit of your past, um, you know, origin story to, you know, uh, cautiousness and creation and we actually tie it all together.

Uh, amazing feat, just really, really thank you for just the way that you show up today and to show up the way that you show up in serving other [01:51:00] places. And then, and then ultimately creating actively all these different, amazing products and services to really help people best optimize their life. So thank you so much for.

Thank you for having me. It's an honor, and I appreciate you


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