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Hello friends welcome back to part two of the from adversity to opportunity series. Yesterday we talked about the overall framework of what my intention of this series is.

As a general reminder, my ultimate intention here is to help you be happier, healthier, stronger, in spite of all this chaos that’s happening

as you know this virus is impacting our economy impacting our social life. And from what I can tell, it’s starting to really impact our mind as well.

And the collective stress is now even amplified even more by media, by our peer groups.

What you can do right now, to impact your mind is to pay attention to what you consume.

So Case in point, today, I had a few conversation with a few entrepreneurs. And one of them is one of those guys who likes to think about the worst and prepare for the best. And he’s preparing for the apocalypse, basically. And he was telling me every little thing that he’s doing doing to prepare himself every day, I won’t get into the details, because I don’t want to impact you that way.

But the more I listened to him, the more I realized a couple of things happening within my body.

1) I notice I was very drawn to what he was talking about.

2) I also notice that there is a little bit more a little bit more a little bit more fear and panic within me. Because by comparison, he is a lot more prepare for the apocalypse. Where as in my case, I’m not. So I had to catch myself

Ultimately, I realized that our brain is designed to watch out for potential danger.

If I spend all my time paying attention to the potential danger, then that’s all I think about.

What I’m saying here is, yes prepare, at the same time be cognizant of how this doom and gloom talks is actually impact your peace of mind, your internal state.

As I was saying to all of you, when we are in panic mode, we don’t make the best decisions.

As leaders as entrepreneurs, there are people who depend on us to make the best decisions for ourselves, for our family, for our business, for everyone who depend on us, right? So we have an obligation we have a responsibility to really stay in equanimity, stay centered, stay grounded.

when all of this chaos happening right be the eye of the storm.

what I want to give you tactically is this

it will require no effort to get drawn into the negative downward spiral by major media, social media, your negative friends, your survivalist friends. it requires no effort to get drawn into that because our brain is designed to be attracted to potential danger.

1) Get your facts from sources that you trust but get on a media diet otherwise

2) if you can’t do that, you have to spend time watching the news. Spent equal time on positive, uplifting podcast, audio books, silence meditation, that’s going to lift up your spirit that’s going to create that spaciousness.

That way minimally, you are back to neutral. maximally, you can create more space in your mind, more centeredness more groundedness for yourself.

Alright my friends, again, I want you to practice all of this. This is not the truth. This is not dogma. This is just a possibility, a way to think about it tested, experiment with this. And ultimately, everything that I’m giving you is the is the intention for you to be happier, be healthier, be stronger because there are people who depend on you to be the best version of yourself. Alright friends, talk to you tomorrow.