Welcome back to the [From Adversity to opportunity] series. This is CK LIN. This is day five of our series. The intention of our series is to help you be stronger, healthier, happier during this uncertain time. 


Yesterday we talked about having empathy for others. If you haven’t listened to yesterday’s recording, I highly recommend you go back to listen to having empathy for yourself first before listening to today’s episode.


Today’s episode is about having empathy for others.


As you can see From the people around you, from the people you work with, from the people on social web,  people deal with this challenge in various different ways. 


Some people deal with it like the apocalypse is coming and some people deal with it like it’s no big deal. 


It’s really easy to:

  • make fun of the reactions you disagree with.
  • fight with the solutions you disagree with
  • judge the policy you don’t like


There are those who:

  • Are buying as much as they can from the supermarket shelves to help ease their fears
  • Deny what’s happening and think that this is an evil plot to control the masses
  • Are working endless hours in the hospital helping others without rest.
  • Are coughing and touching produce without regards for others
  • Spend hours doing self-care rituals
  • believe that this is the time to preach and how others should go about their lives
  • Who believes this brings out the worst in all of us
  • Who believes this brings out the best in all of us. 
  • Are suffering in silence from the fears and panic and overwhelm
  • Are enjoying their new free time to spend on their passions
  • want to seize the market opportunity to profit
  • want to write their book at this time
  • Provide a safe space for friends and family to share themselves
  • Some people think you know better. 
  • Some people think you know nothing. 
  • Some people keep an open heart and open mind and embrace all of it


All of it is fine, all of it is great, all of it is okay because that’s what humanity is.


The question here is how can you bring empathy, compassion, patience, and generosity for all of it.


Judging, pointing fingers, blaming, resenting. All of that is easy to do. 


If you can’t provide space for them, that’s okay too. It’s totally okay.

There’s nothing wrong with that.  You can totally walk away from someone that you simply don’t have the space to be around. 


Go back and listen to the last episode. Give yourself more compassion and come back to a space of fullness and completeness. manage your own well being first. Then you can go out and serve.


But once you are at a space of fullness, as a leader, providing that space for others who are under duress is the right thing to do.


people don’t remember what you do say, but they’ll always remember how you made them feel. People don’t remember what you do or what you say, but they’ll always remember how you made them feel. 


The time to lead is now. Your people are looking for that space of safety. For them to be however they are. 


if at this time you provide a little bit more grace, a little bit more patience, a little bit more generosity, a little bit more support for people, they will remember this forever. That’s on the practical level. 


And on the human level, that’s just a decent thing to do. You are a good human being and this is what you would have done anyway.


So tactically speaking, 


#1. how can you provide more empathy and compassion for others during this time when they are perhaps not behaving at their best right now when they’re losing their shit right now? When They’re panicking right now, when they’re grasping for certainty right now, right? What can you do? 


#2. ask yourself the question, how do I serve? How can I help? 

Now is the time when people need guidance.

Now is the time when they need grace

Now is the time when they need patience

Now is the time where they need generosity

Now is the time when they need leadership the most


So ask yourself this question. How can you provide that space, that space of safety, that space of leadership, that space of certainty, that space of patience, that space of love, that space of compassion?


#3. What creative things could you do in alignment with your purpose? 


How do I get creative to do things that I normally wouldn’t do?

But now, in a time of great need. I can experiment with these things in alignment with my purpose in life. 


If you’ve been itching to live a more purposeful life…

This is the crisis.

This is the challenge. 

This is the opportunity

This is the blessing.

You’ve been preparing for


With that said, take a deep breath, you are doing great.


Stay safe, stay safe. 


I’ll talk to you soon.