The Tales of Two Mountains

There are two mountains impact-entrepreneurs climb: the first mountain is the mountain of success and achievement and the second the mountain of legacy and impact.

If you are an ordinary entrepreneur, you’d probably climb your first mountain with white-knuckling and sheer determination, perhaps at the cost of health, family, and relationships.

And after you summit your 1st mountain, you probably change course to climb the 2nd mountain with legacy and impact. And then you realize that the path of the 2nd mountain is 10x more effortless and doubles the success and fulfillment.

About Your Host CK Lin

CK Lin provides noble guidance for high achievers seeking a deeper purpose, world-changing ideas, and equilibrium between the two. He was the executive coach for the founder and chief culture officer of VideoAmp from 2015-2018, now valued at $1.6B. He came to the US by himself to pursue his American dream at 14. He has a PhD in bioengineering from UCLA. He has served university chancellors, executives, and high-growth startups founders. He combined his scientific training, Eastern philosophy, and tech startup experience into the NobleWarrior method to empower others to find their deep purpose, turn their wisdom into legacies, and create a better future for humanity.

About Noble Warrior

The NobleWarrior philosophy focuses on being nimble and adaptable to deal with the fluctuations of the fast-changing world.

Absorb what is useful, reject what is useless, and add what is essentially your own.

NobleWarrior is a path in which we continue to excavate ourselves, share our hard-earned wisdom, and help others fulfill their unexpressed or unfulfilled desires.

The Noble Warrior is the archetype who is aware and aligned. He lives in the world with ease, grace, and flow. And this archetype also is out there creating, writing, teaching, and leading. The Noble Warrior represents the benevolent disruptor – the person conquers oneself to push the status quo so we can all be better as a species.

After 20 years of experimentation and refinement, the NobleWarrior philosophy is the most direct path to high impact, high purpose living:

  • UNLOCK YOUR MIND – Excavate your stories. Unlock your purpose. Bulletproof your inner narrative. Clarify your vision.
  • UNLOCK YOUR BEHAVIORS – Eliminate procrastination. Take consistent action. Supercharge your willpower. Achieve the previously impossible.
  • UNLOCK YOUR VOICE – Find your authentic voice. Express your vision. Proudly enroll others to join your vision.
  • UNLOCK YOUR LEGACY – Create courses with your wisdom. Instill confidence in themselves. Empower others with unfulfilled and unexpressed desires

On the NobleWarrior podcast, CK interviews other NobleWarriors who’ve found their unique place in the world.  The wide-ranging conversations dive deep into their hard-earned insights and tools they now possess to bend the rules of reality.

The guests and CK want to assure our listeners that you are worthy of being listened to. Your life experiences, skills, and wisdom have value. It’s worth your effort to excavate the gems within you. And turn these gems into courses to teach others to alleviate their suffering, avoid pitfalls, and live a richer life.

130+ entrepreneurs have shared their deep wisdom at the NobleWarrior podcast. Noted teachers are:

Chris Voss, bestselling author of Never Split the Difference (1M sold worldwide) and former lead international hostage negotiator at the FBI

Michael Breus, America’s most trusted sleep doctor, author of 3 bestselling books, expert guested more than 100 times on Dr. Oz, Oprah, the View, Anderson Cooper, and the Today Show.

Jevon JT McCormick, board member of Conscious Capitalism, and CEO of Scribe Media,  a multi-million dollar publishing company with more than 1700 authors, including members of The Nobel Peace Prize Committee, Nassim Taleb and David Goggins, whose blockbuster book Can’t Hurt Me has sold over 2 million copies.

Alison Armstrong, founder of PAX and Understanding Men, the Queen’s Code book, and 30+ years teaching millions of people access more loving relationships, stronger families, and productive organizations.

Jay Smit, the author of 2 bestselling books, raised 100sof millions of dollars for startups, partnered with Bill Gates, Steven Spielberg, Steve Jobs, Reid Hoffman, David Geffen, Richard Branson, Paul Allen, and Pierre Omidyar, a former NASDAQ company CEO and Independent Vice Chairman of Deloitte

Dr. Jeff Spencer, legendary cornerman coach for Tiger Woods, Bono, Lance Armstrong; and helped athlete’s win over 40 gold medals

Shelley Paxton, former CMO of Harley Davidson

What Our Audience Has to Say

“So grateful I showed up to the dojo to drink in the wisdom of CK and Barry Goldstein. Through the synergy of their two brilliant minds and beautiful hearts, they delivered a sweet song of conversation of true “Healing and Transformation.” The beautiful harmony I heartd inspired insights that helped me to unlock a formula to the Purpose of Life. Thank you 1000x”

“An amazing podcast for people across all walks of life. The information is digestible for anyone and I always learn something. I find that CK is an excellent host because he looks to inspire the speakers to uncover their core values and what lies beneath their mission. It trumps the ego found in other podcasts and entertains while providing value.”

“The show’s guests – the host CK – have the most enlightening conversations. The guests are uniquely famous, so they grab your attention. Plus CK guides them to discuss things I am most curious about, which are inner motivations, demons that have been overcome, and getting deep-down real.”

“CK’s methodology to listening, helping guests feel comfortable, and asking questions is unmatched. He has a unique way to asking questions to dive deeper into the hero’s journey in a way that the guest feels inspired and eager to share. I highly recommend this podcast to anyone looking to achieve success on their own terms and not forgetting their true essence.”

“I am delighted by CK Lin’s appealing and earnest quest for transformative practices. He has such an inquisitive mind! He asks in-depth questions to his guests that draw out their best intelligence and spirit. I’m learning so much from him and his guests. I’m using every spare moment to absorb his feel-good podcasts. If you want the fast path to joy and enlivenment, this is not to be missed.”

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NobleWarrior is about helping you navigate your journey from the 1st mountain to the 2nd mountain faster and easier.

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