Noble Warrior is where I interview other entrepreneurs about their journey from warrior to commander to king. We deconstruct their mindset, mental models, actionable tactics, and tools so you can better navigate your own journey and achieve the impact and fulfillment you want.

Hi, I’m CK Lin. I provide noble guidance for leaders seeking equilibrium in a way that integrates science and spirituality. I communicate in a calming and reassuring voice helping them experience enlightenment and discover a more fulfilling & impactful way to life/work.

In my 20 and 30s, I chased the traditional definitions of success. I have a PhD in biomedical engineering from UCLA. I became a director at the University of California. I was the Chief Culture Officer of a tech startup that grew to 9-figure in valuation. Meanwhile, the self-esteem rollercoaster ride was getting more drastic. It wasn’t until I stumbled upon these secrets I experience a new level of equilibrium and high-performance.

I created NobleWarrior to share these secrets and assist other high-performance leaders who are on the same path of optimal fulfillment and impact.

Some notable mentors who’ve been on the show:

I look forward to hearing from you!