David Bergeaud is an award-winning composer, poly instrumentalist and record producer. He records and performs on a variety of exotic instruments (200+) from the middle east and India. His music is inspired by three decades of international travels, his European classical roots, and a lifelong love of jazz.

Over the course of his career, David has composed music for numerous award winning film and television soundtracks, commercials, music for theater and stage performances.Tastefully weaving his classical background, world influences, love of jazz and fascination with technology driven urban sounds, David uniquely creates a tapestry of intricate sounds, rhythms and haunting melodies.

We talked about:

  • Why questions are superior than answers
  • The many experiments he did to uncouple the layers of “I”
  • The overarching motivator of different decades of his life
  • His path to fulfillment
  • Why negative emotions are great teachers
  • Why patience eventually happens regardless of one’s efforts
  • The path to mastery
  • His daily discipline
  • How he has mastered 200+ exotic instruments (and how you too can learn a new instrument)
  • How free-running and the path to wisdom are related

And many more