During the 2008 recession, Dane had to move his family into his sister’s garage. At his lowest point, he thought about ending his life in order to provide for his family with life insurance. In our podcast, he shared how jujitsu woke up the champion in him and saved his mind, marriage, career, and ultimately his life.

Currently, Dane has a blackbelt in jujitsu and is a world champion at Pan Ams.  He is also a ceramist, teacher, and lecturer.


  • Setting and achieving impossible goals
  • Cultivating a champion mindset
  • Dealing with the dread in the face of adversity
  • Being a business owner of integrity during hard times
  • His morning rituals
  • His relationship to fears and failures
  • How he cultivates trust and relationships
  • The importance of sharing our dark moments
  • How to find certainty in an uncertain time



I change people’s lives, I just so happen to make teeth.

If I can get good at jujitsu, I can change my life.

Vision requires actionable events.

When you don’t accept help, you just deny the giver happiness.

When you stop moving, that’s when you start getting old.

If you are not the best in your city, how will you ever win WORLD.

If you do the safe things and you are not challenging yourself, you are not growing.

It’s not that I haven’t failed; it’s that I see failure as opportunity to learn; if you are afraid of failure, you will never learn.

Its not that I never fail, it’s that I don’t let failures stop me

Everyday, I  track my goals, I read my affirmations, and I look at my accomplishments

Champion is a champion even before he gets his medals; I woke up everyday a champion; Champion is everyday; champion is happening right now.

Similartude – the success you see in your business is the same as the success you see in yourself

We have the opportunity to come together as a community; we can do this as a community; we can survive it as a community.

If you are trying to connect with someone, you’re going to do it much faster by getting into their beliefs and their vulnerabilities.

We have the means, the technologies, the tools to reach out and give them a message, starting now. From this point forward, how we choose to act as leaders is how they’ll determine how they will relate to this community. They’ll be members for life if we take the right actions today and reach out to them.

When you say something and do it is how you earn people’s trust. (For example, respond to people’s emails, phone calls, voice messages..etc)

How we communicate with people is not just our language but also our body language (pointing vs. asking)

Do a month of jujitsu with me, I’ll tell you exactly the kind of person you are in life.