COVID devastated many small businesses and industries. This week on NobleWarrior I had serial entrepreneur, Ron Miller, a four-time INC 500/5000 Award recipient and as an Ernst & Young Entrepreneur of The Year Finalist.

He and I talked about how to cultivate a winning mindset and disciplines ready oneself to solve problems and seize new opportunities in a post COVID world.


  • How to do well by doing good during a crisis
  • 4 step framework to find more certainty in uncertain times
  • The #1 wrong thing to do during a time of crisis
  • Elevated importance of digital community
  • How to identify new opportunities in the post COVID world


Time is not your friend in a crisis

Once your intent is to help others, suddenly new opportunities will rise.

The wrong thing to do is freeze; the wrong thing to do is stop; the wrong thing to do is sit in your bed and read Facebook

It’s just not that complicated; whatever you did to get to where you are, do those. Adjust and adapt. repeat.

Get busy. Get busy taking your business to an entirely new level based on those principles

If you think you are Steve Jobs or Elon musk, then go ahead and don’t talk to your customers. But guess what? You’re probably not. So that means getting the trenches and you roll up your sleeves and you start working with those customers because you can feel their pain. And when you feel the pain, that’s when you’ll be in the best spot innovate to solve their pain.