My next guest, Memnon Uzan holds 7 different ranks in a variety of barrage of different martial arts. He is a polymath (bodybuilder, mathematician, Violin player, physicist, African Wisdom keeper).

We talked about the path of becoming limitless, specifically:

  • The Blueprint for becoming limitless in your soul, spirit, and intellect
  • How the childlike love of action figures helped him grow into a real-life superhero.
  • How being misunderstood help him find the fountain of never-ending motivation
  • The process Memnon created to stay “reflexively connected to God”
  • The formula for overcoming lust
  • Finding the truth on the collision courses of science, faith, and love
  • The 5 metrics Memnon uses to track and measure spiritual growth
  • How stepping out of reality helps to create your ultimate spiritual self
  • The 5-step blueprint for creating an unstoppable will


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The physical body is only a form of an entity or blueprints or that image that shows you how great your spirit and intellect or your psychology can be. Click To Tweet I believe that life is built for that individual to not only expresses individuality, but that person to live at its most act most maximum height that he possibly can. Click To Tweet And that mindset that's basically came from I just believe in superheros. The mindset at all is that I wanted to make sure that my performance was that of a superhero. Click To Tweet Once I realized that I didn't have anybody that was going to understand me, it helped me get stronger. Click To Tweet I was going to perform at the highest level because I had no more strings attached to anything I just knew I can do. Click To Tweet You are living a God life and you are living in that God form because you are in connected from an umbilical standpoint, you never disconnected from that source. Click To Tweet Everything you can do as a reflex is not an act. Click To Tweet After you practice that and peel the layers back, and it can no longer affect you. You have now become the master of your own domain. Click To Tweet When your spirit is pure and it's clean everything that's filed in derogatory will leave you. Not a part of you anymore would fall. Click To Tweet The spirit is now free from any forms of reality that are there. There's nothing but love that exists. You now form your own reality within yourself and become yourself. Click To Tweet

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True Greatness is Life Fitness (According to a Spiritual Scholar Warrior)

Walk up to Denovo warrior. My name is C KLN noble warriors. We're interview consciousness. Center entrepreneurs about their journey from warrior to commender to King, to elder what deconstruct that mindset, mental models, actionable tactics. So you can go on and take them and build your business with more impact and fulfillment.

[00:00:19]My next guest is men non Husan men, non hell. Seven different ranks in a variety of martial arts. He's a polymath, a bodybuilder mathematician, violin player, a physicist and African wisdom keeper. We talked about the idea of beanie limitless, the blueprint that he took to become limitless in his intellect, spirit, and soul, and how childlike one, the love of action figures helped him grow into this real life superhero persona.

[00:00:50]I'll be misunderstood, helped him find a fountain of never ending motivation. The process he created to stay reflexively connected to God, the formula for overcoming lust finding truth on the collision course of science, faith, and love the five metrics that he uses to track and measure spiritual growth.

[00:01:13]And stepping out of reality helps pin to create his ultimate spiritual self.  That five step blueprint for creating an invincible will so please enjoy my conversation. When men nun, Husan. 

[00:01:26] Let's start off by something. That's really obvious. You look like a superhero. So if I think about noble warrior, if I think about what an archetype would look like, that would be, you mean Chinese, we have a phrase that one whose function, it means this, this guy's a scholar. This guy's was also a martial artist.

[00:01:48] So for me, when I think about you, whenever I see you speak, that's what I think about it. So the question that I have for you is, were you always this way, or was there a moment in your childhood, something happened that had you built in archetype and engineer, the physique that you have today? Um, well first, um, man, you know, you hear the bio about yourself and, um, that's a lot.

[00:02:21] Um, and, um, I'm only worthy of those things. Um, if my behavior matches the identity, cause, uh, you can't do anything where accolades don't mean anything. If you're not able to walk that path in the straight and vertical form. Um, so, uh, that all of that stuff means really nothing. Um, but bio his bio, um, I'm humbled.

[00:02:46] And buy it. Um, but the path is only as good as your behavior. Um, tad, anything made me like this, I think from a very early stage in my life. In my path or my career in life. Um, because one, I treat life specifically, um, as that is your career, all the first energies should always go to cultivating yourself.

[00:03:10] Um, and I think as we cultivate ourselves in this life, um, I think what I did was I wanted to realize that I. In the manifests that I can make things manifest as much as my wheel desired and what my wheel desired was is to have how many opponents and all things that I am about all things that I stand for.

[00:03:32] So what I did was I took a practical approach. Um, the physical body is only a form of an entity or blueprints or that image that shows you on how great your spirit and intellect or your psychology can be. Um, the physical body obviously has limitations. And what I mean by that ultimately is you're, you're not able to fly.

[00:03:55] Um, we're not able to jump, draw, you know, single buildings in one hop. We're not able to do those things from a physical. Limitation standpoint. Um, but I believe the physical is the blueprint, and then it shows you on, if you are able to perform in a physical form, it gives you that image in order for you to look at it and show on how things will grow and how things can, um, blossom itself through practice.

[00:04:21] So if you're lifting weights or if you're. Doing some cardiovascular skill, everything increases and you can ultimately see it increase. You can see how your body forms, all of those things you can see with your own eyes. You can see if your arms are getting bigger. You can see if your ladies are getting bigger.

[00:04:37] You can see if your chest is getting better. All of those things is from an Iceman standpoint, you're able to look at it and you can see development. Knowing that the physical body again has limitations. What I realize is that the intellect has no limitations. I realized that the spiritual body has no limitations.

[00:04:56] I realized that the soul has no limitations. So what I realized from a very early standpoint is that if that is the case, And my physical body I can do, I can stretch it and I can perform it and it can increase as cardiovascularly. It can increase this bias of you can increase your chest, you can increase your legs and thus forth if that is the case.

[00:05:17] And you can do with your physical, imagine what you can do with your intellect, which your spirituality and what your psychology. So what I did was I sat down. Um, and I started making blueprints on what practices on what things you can do to stretch yourself, can stretch the stretch or intellect things in drills that you can do, whether it's speeds, Jaslyn rationalization, memory, all of those things.

[00:05:42] If it was your soul on how much can you particularly give and give gratitude to yourself? And love yourself for your in unconditionally. Have yourself in a good place, in a good wheel, in a good spirit, in a good atmosphere. I wanted to see what the practices were there and spirituality. I wanted to see how many prayers could I actually do in a day.

[00:06:04] That was practical. How many times can I take time to pray? What does prayer mean? So I wanted to ultimately put a practice in for that. I wanted to put a practice in and not only to say, you know, what, how ultimately, how can you adjust yourself in your, in your psychology to ask yourself and rationalize decisions that you make?

[00:06:24] How can you put practices in that? So ultimately what I did was I made the body of physical. Blueprint of actually everything else that, um, that comes along with your totality. So whether it was spirit, whether it was psychology, whether it was your soul, um, or whether it was form of rationality that you have in any form of intellectual persuasion, I made a test for it.

[00:06:49] And then after the terrace, I was making practices. So for me, um, I believe that life is built for that individual to not only expresses individuality, but that person to live at its most act most maximum height that he possibly can. And then what you find once you reach the maximum height that you can, you realize that there's other levels to that.

[00:07:14] So, you know, um, Oh, the type of tutorials that you make for yourself in order to blossom is three things that I believe manifest to bean. And that is Omni presence that is Omni science, and that is Omni potents. So for me, uh, those three things, um, kind of distinguishly and steer my life, um, to what it is.

[00:07:37] Um, one may look at you and say, Holy shit, this guy looked like a real superhero. Right. You know, it's, his body is not Photoshop is real.

[00:07:47] So it's a little bit unrelatable. So if you don't mind going back to the inciting incident where you were before, then describe that a little bit. Then that would make it more relatable to anyone who don't, who remotely don't even look like you. So, so, so that way, that way people can actually see the path.

[00:08:09] Cause what you just described, the mindset, the path, the different domains. I love that. We're going deep more into that, but can you make it go back to the earlier days? So that way people can relate to who you were before and the mental shift that had to happen as you go through your own inner reasons or whatever?

[00:08:31] Yes. Um, that's a great question. Um, When I was, um, before, uh, was just kind of a grownup, um, a young man, you know, a young, um, as any adolescents, I mean, you dream, um, and you see superheroes, um, and you aspire for those superheroes, uh, uh, to have a little piece of them, um, and let them be a part of you. And my dream was to always, uh, be super and everything that I did.

[00:09:04] Um, so I used to, um, you know, sleep with superhero action figures all under my bed. It was at a point I had a hundred and, uh, 87, uh, action figures stuff under my bed. So my bed like had all of these like lumps, you know, all on top of it and I'm sleeping and I'm sleeping. Like on top of it, my mother is just like impervious to what I'm doing.

[00:09:29] Uh, and think the bed is like all messed up and I'm lying and telling her it's like lumpy, you know? Uh, don't worry about it though. But in reality, I had like 187 action figures underneath my bed and, um, I think, um, from that mindset, um, wanting to be super in all things that I do. Um, I realized that in order to really look like that your body, you know, from a physical standpoint, um, I had to be in the most, you know, Supreme shape, um, that you can possibly imagine.

[00:10:03] Uh, so my body wise, um, I wanted to include, you know, so, uh, probably like at age 11, um, I got into my first martial art, um, and that was a style called hunger. Um, what's your, I know you're probably familiar with, and, um, that style was based on the five animal forms. Um, so I got with my first seafood. Um, and he ultimately took me under his wing.

[00:10:28] Um, and, uh, you know, he was ultimately a principal of an elementary school that my mother had previously went to. Uh, so I ultimately wound up having a hookup, uh, really with that, um, and wound up ultimately studying my first martial art again, aligned with the body, align with superheros and everything. Um, and then from that standpoint, um, uh, me learning.

[00:10:51] Um, my first martial art, uh, may came to be the second martial art, then I get to wing Chong. Um, and then it shortly foot, you know, and then it started growing, you know, all from there. Uh, but I ultimately, because I want it. My body, um, from an image perspective, uh, to fit the identity of superheroes, um, because I'm really, that's really the first stage, um, that you're thinking about is the image.

[00:11:19] You're not thinking about consciousness, you're not thinking about intellect or you're not thinking about any of those things. When you think of those things you were thinking of, you know, how is my body going to look. You know, so you're thinking in a vanity, uh, way, um, instead of really a conscious way.

[00:11:34] So I think at that stage of me, I just wanted to be in the most optimum state, um, optimal, uh, shape that I possibly could be. Um, so what I wanted to do was I wanted to climb myself up, um, each time and be able to perform. You know, and, um, you know, in that form performance on things and that I was doing, um, I wanted to make sure that my body was at the most optimal level.

[00:11:58] Uh, so I did everything. Um, everything you imagine I was starting off, I got swimming lessons, um, and I started doing laps there. Um, I was doing martial arts out in the woods and I was wake up and do it and not go to practice and do it. Um, so it was a lot of things that really contributed, but really the mindset of it all.

[00:12:15] The mindset at all is that I wanted to make sure that my performance, um, was that of a superhero. So whether it was running fast, whether it was lifting something, um, whether it was doing gymnastics, I wanted to make sure I was at an optimal level. And that mindset that's basically came from. I just believe in superheros.

[00:12:34] I believe that it, it could exist and you know, why wouldn't, I believe it, I was a dreamer and, um, nothing could tell me different. No. I just knew that, um, I couldn't control that and I just didn't let, I wasn't going to let anything stop me from believing in it. So I just made practices. 

[00:12:51] So, so here's a follow up question.

[00:12:54] Um, That's extraordinary especially at 11 years old. So how were you able to do that when perhaps your parents didn't understand you, your sibling didn't understand you, your, your, your peer group didn't understand you. It's, it's really unusual to actually think like, uh, I want to do everything I can to embody, uh, this superhero image that I have in my mind.

[00:13:27] You know what, um, I think I cried a lot about that, you know, as a kid, um, because I wanted, my parents don't understand me, you know, I wanted people to understand me. Um, I kind of put on this facade in high school, um, of, uh, trying to be understood. Um, So I, I didn't, you know, do, uh, it wasn't, uh, uh, I guess it wasn't a really, it wasn't tactful, um, because I didn't think when I was doing it, but it was willful because I just was doing it, um, because you know, why not fit in, you know, um, you don't, you don't want people to see the real, you sometimes.

[00:14:04] And I think I was at that stage where I was like, man, I'm just too weird, man. You know, ain't nobody going to understand this type of work ethic. You know, there's nobody going to understand, you know, what my beliefs are, you know? So why even tell them, you know, why could, how could they understand? And parents are only going to understand what you want to see you for your, you know, they perfume.

[00:14:26] So it's hard for them to look past when, who you burst from a child to who you are. You know, you go through that. Now, parents are not going to, they always see you in the one light. You know, so for me, I wanted my parents to understand me, you know, I wanted them to, um, Two things, um, um, and, and be there for me and, and do all of that.

[00:14:47] But I realized with doing all of that, the pain of all of that, it made me more independent. Uh, and in that independency, I turned that anger from that independency into a fire and then flame, um, it was just like how custom model it had trained Tyson. And, you know, you, you have a flame and then there's a fire then as, or, you know, a Ferno.

[00:15:09] Um, and basically that was burning on me, uh, to really, you know, have excellence. Um, so for me, what I was doing with that is I just created, um, there was this create more and it would make me train even harder. And it made me not depend on anybody. You know, I, it was the case was if you're going to train like this, and if you're going to be this type of individual, Then you're going to have to be harder than ever.

[00:15:36] You're going to have to go through hell psychology, you know, psychologically. And when you go through that, I guarantee you and, and you're going to be better for it. And that was my idealist. I wrote, uh, my, my whole thesis of understanding was if you are who you supposed to be. You are not going to ever need anybody that stands for your around you, you'll be able to be independent center and understanding that what your purpose is and everything else will fill in.

[00:16:07] So I've done a really worried about it. So pause on that point real quick, that in itself is also a unusual mindset. I think you're right. It's accurately, you know, we come into this world by ourselves. We're going to lead this world by ourselves. So ultimately we are sovereign beings and this is our own individual journey in the collective whole, right?

[00:16:30] However, most people do yearn for that support and understanding from others. So how did you shift into that mindset of I'm here? This is my journey. I'm going to do whatever it takes. And no one else is going to, you know, sway my sovereignty. Um, this, I think it just came from, um, you know, this, having a belief in yourself.

[00:16:59] I mean, and there's steps to that, right? Because the first stage is you're saying to yourself, okay, I'm going to go through this right now. And nobody understands me. Nobody can even get on what I'm doing on how I'm doing it. There's no way they can understand it. So you're saying that to yourself. And then the other half of that is you're saying if they can't understand me, how long can I sit in a corner about it?

[00:17:31] How really long can I sit in the corner about it? And then you sit in the corner and then you try to understand it. And then, you know, what winds up happening is you get stronger and he gets stronger again. And then before you know it, you have Rhone layers and then you don't worry about it anymore. And then what winds up happening is you have created a new strength upon yourself.

[00:17:51] You have created a new dimension upon yourself. You have created a new path, you know, For yourself. So for me, it never really was about, um, having people understand me or being around me. I think I've thought about it. Um, in essence to a certain point, um, into a certain distinction at one time, but after awhile, um, and, and this is just telling you the reality of it is just, you don't care about it any longer and you grow new strength because of it.

[00:18:25] So I think what happened, which I know would happen is once I realized that I didn't have anybody that was going to understand me, it helped me get stronger. And then in that strength, just like any muscle, if you work it and you know how to perform and be there for that muscle, what winds up happening is a gross.

[00:18:46] And then it grows and then it grows some more, as long as you keep working on it. And before you know it, you're not really, you're isolated in your own consciousness and you're, you don't have any form of dependency on worrying about, on whether people understand you or not. You're understand that at all times that it's always about the performance of yourself.

[00:19:09] And if you're really happy with yourself, always tell people I say, You know, before you even get in a relationship or before you even, uh, and it takes time to notice. But before you get in a relationship before you even ask someone for marriage, you have to first have matrimony for yourself. You have to first put the ring on yourself.

[00:19:29] If you are alone and you understand yourself and you can have matrimony true matrimony with yourself, everything else will come around you and you will find someone, uh, Jessie is beautiful on the macula as you can ever imagine, but that has to be the first stage. So I think. Upon growing, um, that allowed me to build that muscle up, to create that form of consciousness and strength and biceps and triceps and legs and back, and all of those things that you have to do to strengthen yourself in a, in net form.

[00:20:04] And when you do that, I think I didn't worry about anything else. Um, ever again, Uh, it was over, um, at this time I was going to perform at the highest level because I had no more strings attached to anything I just knew I can do. Yeah. Thank you for sharing that. Uh, reflecting back on my own spiritual journey, agree a hundred percent where I started, I was looking outwards for Al validation approval and Hey, look at me, you know, I look good, right?

[00:20:34] Rant, vanity matrix. And I took my own journey to where I'm at right now really starts to really get like, Oh, this is what it takes to strengthen my spiritual spine, the muscle, the legs and everything. So to be sovereign, no matter what, however, for me it was, I didn't know it before, skip a lot of the middle status to understand ending and appreciating this sovereignty that I have.

[00:21:01] So what I, what I had to do was looking at role models. You know, Bruce Lee and you know, other people who, if they can do it. So can I kind of a thing, right? So, so there's that as well as, um, finding others who believe in similar values, uh, as a way to like, Oh, I'm not alone in this world doing this. There are others noble warriors.

[00:21:27] Yeah. Memnon is doing that too. Okay. We understand each other, like leaning into the discomfort going for it. Right. Like, you know, Holy shit. He's doing it. Awesome. Right. Whenever I see you doing your thing, smiling through the cameras, ain't nothing working out at the gym by yourself. I'm like, yeah, that's awesome.

[00:21:45] Well, for me, it's a journey. So I just wanted to underline some of the steps that I took personally to really now appreciate this sovereign T uh, that you speak about, uh, one little,

[00:21:59] um, nuance question. I want to ask you, is it easy for the. Um, younger selves or the less mature selves through term bitter.

[00:22:11] No one understand me. I'm going to do my thing. So I'm going to isolate myself. I'm going to, you know, everyone else is the enemy. I'm just gonna do my thing. Right. However, you're not like that. You're doing your thing, but you are doing it with warmth and compassion and empathy for all. And one of the big thing from my point of view, that your community loves you so much, is that.

[00:22:36] Cause you're doing your thing, and you're also very approachable. You know, you don't judge them for their journey. So can you speak a little bit more about the nuance? How come you didn't turn bitter and isolate it and, you know, just live alone in the woods by yourself versus just being such an open hearted, open minded person that you are.

[00:23:01] Does that make sense? Yes. It's a beautiful question too. Um, Um, there there's a few factors in that. Um, you know, one of the factors is that I had developed a spiritual pattern, um, in spiritual practice. So, um, I've been doing, um, pretty much nine prayers a day for. Since adolescence. Uh, so I think, uh, prayer changes, um, an individual when it opens your spirit to a certain degree.

[00:23:29] And, um, I think so that helps, um, I have six meditations that I do, um, as you Brown three now. Uh, but I used to do six meditations as well. So, uh, the meditation part, um, and inherence of it, um, I think also, uh, put its head, you know, um, and helped me out tremendously again from a soul spiritual cause you gotta go in and then come out.

[00:23:56] So I think that did its part on helping me out. Um, the big. Um, part because all of them will have their part on it. Uh, but I think the big thing was, is just when you're defining character. Um, and I believe that man is an ultimate role model. Um, everything that he does, everything he, how he walks, how he speaks his actions, his actions, his response, all of those things, man is built.

[00:24:23] Uh, to want to be never disconnected from God or the source or whoever you want feels is the ultimate. Uh, so I think there's no disconnection in that. So, because I thought there was no disconnection, um, and you are living a God life and you are living in that God form because you are in connected, um, from an umbilical standpoint, you never disconnected from that source.

[00:24:50] I thought that, um, There is an impropriate, um, for me to have any other attributes other than God. Um, and that, because I thought that, and because I believed that and because I lived that, um, I realized that there is no possible way, uh, in any shape or form, do the prayers, do the meditation through the belief system.

[00:25:13] That ultimately I'm, I'm connected to the source at all times, uh, and believing that man is the role model for the world and has to be, um, as you embark on being your leader, uh, to your household, into your nation, I believe that is completely unacceptable and it is no time. And then in no form, can a man behave inappropriately at no time.

[00:25:38] So for me, by the way, man, do you mean gender or man? As in human beings? I mean, uh, both. So it could be men as in, because as a man, I believe that, um, and, uh, and as a, as a, as a being, um, because I don't believe we're human beings, I believe with God beings, uh, I don't believe in the human part whatsoever. Uh, so from a God being perspective, I believe every one on the earth man or woman, uh, you are here to be a role model and be able to define the light within the world.

[00:26:14] Um, and to bring that light upon your next person and your nation. So for me, um, I wanted to make sure. Um, at any time, um, and again, you don't want to do things. Let me give you an example, right? Like you don't want to do things and you go out on a date and you like somebody and you take them out for a date and you're doing all of the things you opening the door, you're giving them the roses and you, you, you cuddle it to the highest degree you and your best behavior.

[00:26:47] I always believe that, um, how can I best behavior be permanent, right? How can I best behave will be consistent that it is no longer an act. That you're performing a four, just because you just put the gum in your mouth and not just the flavor and now you're chewing it. And then all of a sudden, once that gum loses its flavor, you then the interest is gone.

[00:27:09] The energy is gone. The wheel is gone for that practice. Like, I don't believe in that. And I said, how can I keep myself energized? And how can I keep myself consistent? And how I do that is, again, those prayers that's meditations that understanding that you are connected to the source metaphorically at all times.

[00:27:32] So when you do things like that, Um, it is completely inappropriate to have yourself at anytime in my belief, um, to be nothing less than the most immaculate role model that it can possibly exist in all forms of totality. So, um, it was very easy for me. Because I just believed in that. And so bitterness, um, belligerence, anger, greed, envy, lust, all of those behaviors that will fall upon the human being.

[00:28:07] I don't believe fall upon the god being. So for me, that was very easy because I always picture myself as being the God, being with God practices again, metaphorically. So there is no way. Even, um, in any iota for me to be able to have any of those form of bitterness or any form of derogatory attributes whatsoever.

[00:28:32] So that's basically, you know, on how I live and a mandate that I set for myself. So it made it pretty much impossible in order to do things like that. You got to create. A stimulus within yourself that everything you can do is a reflex is not an act. It's just like, if you right now on a fly, flew in your ear, is that.

[00:28:56] Within seconds and you, you know, within seconds you try to brush it off. I wanted everything from the vine line to be performed out of myself, out of that guy being just like that. So it's just like a reflex, you know, is impossible for me to, you know, be belligerent or, or involve myself in derogatory things because, um, as a reflex I'm connected to the source.

[00:29:22]Yeah. Um, well we're human means after all and there's various. Um, what's the word I'm looking for characters, let's say, right. Attributes, as you said, greed and lust and you know, God, all of it within us. So we're not one in totality.

[00:29:44] There's just different characters. Let's say it's probably an easier analogy here. Yes, that reminds me of the two off story of the native American, you know, do you feed the good Wolf or the bad Wolf and then you basically don't give it attention, right? So one thought is you feel it to heal it. You do give it attention.

[00:30:06] Otherwise, uh, it will act up. The other, uh, school of thought is you don't give it attention at all. You star, uh, you don't bait. You don't let it take over. So I'm curious to know your point of view as you practice as the negative charges arise within you as the thought or the feeling of belligerence, lust, greed, all these things that show up, how do you manage the internal stage?

[00:30:40] Does that make sense? Very questioned him. Absolutely. Um, I have a conversation with it, you know, let's, let's, let's be real life about it. Right. You know, if, uh, you know, if men see a girl with a big backside or, or you, you see a girl that has, um, so a certain form of ornaments on her and it attracts you, you know, you have to have a conversation with yourself about it.

[00:31:06] And I figured out you think is this is really wow, but you know, this is what happens when you spend all this time and you spent all this time with yourself. Um, I would create formulas, um, performing like that. I would create formulas for every form of emotion like that and a formulas. Ain't something you draw out like the stuff on a backboard.

[00:31:27] Um, it would be formulas. Um, Um, that are ultimately can keep, uh, from inside Bay. So if I'm ultimately giving an example, so if I see a girl, um, and I had, if I saw a girl at the time, um, and she was, um, you know, all of the physical, um, uh, she fit the physical criteria. Right. And she was something that, um, I wanted to explore from a physical aspect.

[00:31:58] Right. I never with a formula created, you know, for something like that is always think about after the orgasm. That's it. And then once you always think about the, what we always thought about after the orgasm, after you have an orgasm with her, then what do you do? So I never was about before, because in essence, When you dug into it, all of the feeling ultimately, uh, was all the same man's ending of sex, um, is always an orgasm is always an orgasm, always.

[00:32:47] Um, that is part of the issue in, in far as the urge on men and other way, that's a different conversation another day, however, At that point. What I realized in that situation was, um, you're going to orgasm, no matter what woman that you're with, it don't really matter. Some girls have been different than some girls are screamed different.

[00:33:11] Some girls twist different, uh, but at the end of the day, It's all the same. Um, what you're going to get, you know, the experience, maybe your chain chain, because everything is based on the ions and for the universal, you're going to have different forms of energy there, but in essence, um, it is all the same.

[00:33:32] Um, so for me, I just totally eliminated that out of context. And then the next layer would go and say, well, what is the consciousness? You know, what is the respect? What is the morality? What is the honor? If you completely eliminated the surge because the surge goes right to your genitals, um, What is after that.

[00:33:55] And then after you practice that and peel the layers back, a lot of that, what you find, um, is no longer that urge and being, you're kind of looking in a context different when you look at the woman. Um, so when you do that, you have eliminated, um, and you have now become the master of your own domain and, um, it can no longer affect you.

[00:34:19] No longer because you have now put a formula in your body has now received that formula. So every time something like that occurs, the formula automatically kicks in and another bothers you again. So all of those things like that, Everything, every element of life, I sit back, I address it and then I create a formula for it.

[00:34:41] So anything that I felt as though was going to be derogatory in me, uh, that was going to be a weakness in me that I thought was going to be a character flaw, or I thought it was going to be some form of, um, um, um, malignancy in me. I created a formula for it. Because I wanted to attack it, not run from it, but attack it.

[00:35:06] You don't want to run from it because it always catch you and it always make you a slave to it. So you never run from it. You want to attack it. You want to address it. You want to have a conversation with it. And then based on that conversation, I'm going to give. That particular trait in all tomato, you know, you either want to do it my way, or I'm going to get rid of you completely.

[00:35:30] And ultimately it always settles into a formula where I'm able to create it. And then I'm never attacked by those antagonizing things ever again. They don't even come near me. So it's that, uh, is, is, is, is more of, I don't have to worry about feeding the Wolf cause I don't even have the food to feed the Wolf.

[00:35:54]So what I'm hearing you say is essentially the learning process is good practice. Um, within your mind, ultimately, you skip ahead to Deanna. Okay. So I, I see the attractive attributes.

[00:36:11] Whatever journey. I took it to the end. Then I had my orgasm and then what, that's the first layer? And then the other layer would be morality and honor everything else that matters to you. Right? So from that base, then you can then basically make that choice powerfully from the sovereign place versus being led by your mind, or a lost or a Dick or whatever.

[00:36:36] Is that an accurate recap of what you just said? Yes. Um, well I think you got it in a nutshell. Yep. Yeah. I mean, we can extrapolate more and more, but I think that's a pretty good. Can you got the, you got the basis of it, so yeah. I mean there's no need there. You got it. Yeah. Yeah. Um, so let's actually skip ahead a bit too.

[00:37:00] Cause you mentioned a lot of gyms earlier. You talked about Omni. Um, presence, Omni science and I'll move potents. Can you say a little bit more about that? Cause you're a man of science and math. You're also a man of spirit at first glance. You were seeing paradoxical, right. So how would you say to someone who may be asking you, Hey, how do you be a man of science as well as a men of,

[00:37:32] um, well I think, um,

[00:37:37] I think faith, um, has many, or I would say it would have a disturbance in its definition in the West. Um, not so much in the East, uh, as much, um, Science to me, um, in all his glory is a form of rationalization, a form of theories and rationalizations that are based upon facts that have to do with math, math.

[00:38:04] This doesn't care about you whatsoever, and it just tells you the truth at all times is never a lie. There's never a form of a lie. It is always accurate. Um, and so when you look at science, And you look at math together. Um, there are basically combines and forms of one another that ultimately brings upon a faith, you know, because it just depends, right?

[00:38:29] Your faith is in the truth. Your faith is in what it is telling you. That is the truth. Your faith is in oneself. Your faith is, uh, something. I mean, anybody can have faith, uh, pulled in one direction or the other, um, Do I believe when you say, when you say faith, is it more one second? What do you mean one direction or the other that you lost me there?

[00:38:53] What do you mean by, well, as far as, uh, faith is concerned would provision them. Yeah. Cause I'm trying to, uh, I want to make sure I'm understanding that in you is when you say faith, do you meaning religion? Um, when you say faith, are you just saying faith? Yeah, one thing. Um, faith. Uh, math and science, um, all do go together.

[00:39:20] Um, because I ultimately don't believe, I think all connects to each other. You know, you have, when you have science, you have math. And I think you can have faith in both science and math. And I think at the end of the day, when you look at science and math, there are true serums. There are things that are actuality science is built on theories that are.

[00:39:40] Coming from the relatives that come from math and math is this based on a form of truth that it doesn't care about anybody. And I think when you're looking at faith from a spiritual context, Fave has to do with things that probably science and math can't necessarily see, because face sometime, it's just like, Hey, I went through this.

[00:39:59] There's nothing you can tell me. I felt it. I know what it is. There is something inside me that I can't, it's not about logic. It's not about, uh, about form of putting things on a board and drawing it out. It is something that I feel it is something that I, you know, go science and math can tell you about love.

[00:40:17] Right. That is something that you have inside of you and you can't draw out with in science and math would love is however that person feels it. That person can explain it most of the time and science and math can have, but do I think they collectively go together? I do. Uh, just because I have to believe that all of them are tied equally with each other and there's some form of reason.

[00:40:42] You can have all three and they can all work together. I think they all three of them do want to work together. I don't think it is separation in that. I think people have a tendency to say it's either or right. Even like LeBron James, when he liked Michael Jordan. Right. Even like Colby Brian's or you like, uh, Karima dude, your bar is always one or the other.

[00:41:03] There's never like, you know what, why can't I like LeBron and Michael Jordan? You know, why do I have to distinguish Kobe Bryant from, uh, uh, Kareem Abdul Jabbar or, uh, wilt Chamberlain or et cetera. Right? You, you could think how everybody always tells you, you can have one or the other, or you have to separate it.

[00:41:23] I just don't believe in the separation. I don't think it has to be, you know, I think that's part of the human fallacy again, being the human being, um, it's because you design on. Trying to make sure you fall into that human element. And that human element sometimes is very detriment to how we live. Most of the time is detriment.

[00:41:42] I believe on how we live, because you're tied into these isms and these documents that go out that really does not expand the being and to its highest level. So I think in essence, when you look at these things in particularly, I don't think you can separate faith, science and math to me, they all go together.

[00:42:00] You all have a purpose. So, I don't think you necessarily have to separate them because I think they all are collision courses that all run into each other. Yeah. That was very much the leading question. 

[00:42:13] There's a lot to unpack there. So to me, science is consensus reality is, you know, if he can base on data, repeat the phenomenon, that's a indicator of quote, unquote science, right. And faith or spirituality is, as you said, subjective reality based on just one subjective experience, there's not necessarily.

[00:42:37] Uh, data that could back up, right. Objective reality, other than my own subjective reality. That's the way how I delineated it too. So I'm curious to know from your point of view, because as someone who is devote his life to the pursuit of excellence of what's possible, right? Quote, unquote, being a superhero, right.

[00:43:00] Being this spirit being. What do you, um, this is going to be, uh, the crew question, but how do you know you're advancing spiritually? Like, what do you measure? Is it a subjective experience? Like as you go for the perfection, as you said, in, in other podcasts that you've done before. What do you measure as a way to track your progress?

[00:43:38] It's a great question. Um, there's a few things that you measure. The one thing that you measure is when you're doing your prayers are. You making your mind focus the way you want it to focus, meaning can you really control your thoughts within Sargent mind? You don't need to control your thoughts. You can let your mind go, but are you one controlling your thoughts?

[00:43:59] Second thing is, what you're asking for is a manifesting is one of the things manifesting inside your prayers or is it now coming alive? So that's another one. Another one would be, am I still getting angry? At the things I used to get angry about. Is there a point now when I am looking at the same subject or the same abrasion hit me, how do I react to it now?

[00:44:29] Do I just laugh it off? Do I smile? And do I understand you asked yourself those questions? Another thing on how you do, how you know your spirit is growing is your forgiveness. Or you're able to, um, forgive your parents or forgive your family, uh, or forgive that friend, um, or forgive, um, things that happened to you, a childhood.

[00:44:53] Um, are you, are you there, you know, are you able to smile about it? Another thing that, you know, your spirit is growing is when you see your ex-girlfriends or your ex mates, You know, are you able to give them love and want the best for them, uh, and, and love them unconditionally and want to be them to be beautiful and wish them well in new success with their new mates.

[00:45:18] Um, do you care more about individuals when you see them? Do you cherish your time when you see them? There is a ton of things that I can listen, run down. The bottom circle to all of this though, is how you measure spirit is always upon the individual, but from a global perspective, when you're measuring spirit, you're looking at your encompass, your accomplish within yourself, or where your conscious was for when you begin your journey to where your conscious is now.

[00:45:55] So now and where you stand in the present journey. And if you still, um, or at the same level as you, you eating the same, you're talking the same, you're angry and you're not forgiving and you can hold your thoughts and your you're wishing bad upon people. And you're doing things that's logo and you're doing things that are unconscious.

[00:46:18] I would say that, um, Your spirit is not moving as forward as you possibly can, because I believe when your spirit is pure and it's clean, um, everything that's filed in derogatory will leave you. Um, it will be, uh, um, not a part of you anymore would fall. If you had helium and you was holding a balloon with helium and you was rising up and you was going up in this balloon.

[00:46:47] And you had all these things attached to you, the higher you go up, you'll see a lot of those things fall off of you because why they can never, they can't take the altitude that you're going to. So all those things was going to fall straight off of you because they can't deal with that air any longer.

[00:47:05] They can't breathe what you breathe anymore. They can't see the thing that you see in right now. And they can, can compress themselves to have the oxygen level that you have for yourself. So in that aspect, when you're rising and you're rising, whether it's consciously. Or subconsciously what's going to happen is things that are no longer for you are going to fall off because you, they can no longer survive on where you're going and where you're at.

[00:47:36] I appreciate that. Let me do a quick recap. So what I'm hearing. Yeah, let's use another metaphor is the muddy water metaphor. How do you clean up, um, you know, a cup of muddy water when you do that is by continuously pouring more and more clear water. And at some point the muddy water would be clear. So essentially it's what you were saying.

[00:47:59] Um, how you measure based on men nuns point of view is am I bringing forgiveness? You know, how is my anger? Uh, am I still triggered by the old triggers that I have? And when I meet my exes or friends or quote unquote, enemies, adversaries, do I wish them well? Do I give them love? Right. And actually an interesting point you said is.

[00:48:22] You know, am I manifesting what my desires or vision is? Can you say a little bit more about the, um, the vision to reality part? Yes. Our living reality. Um, uh, you know, when you are fighting this spiritual part of yourself, C w a lot of happens because we are conditioned in this world, uh, to respond, to react, uh, to interact, to add a certain level. I don't really believe that the spirit gets stronger until you detach yourself in some form from reality.

[00:49:04] I believe you have to move yourself out of the reality in order to find your own reality. And I think once you find your own reality and you're able to adjust to yourself, you're able to love yourself. You're able to give yourself, um, the mighty warrior noble warrior that you are, who you should become, why you are there, why you are present when you figure that out.

[00:49:30] Literally. When you figure yourself out, everything else that you have it's around you, that is going to blossom that character. Everything. You're going to find the food that you're going to suppose. The you're going to find the friends you're supposed to be around and you're going to find a woman or the man or the woman.

[00:49:49] She's, she's going to find a man she's supposed to be with. He's gonna find a woman he's supposed to be with. All of those things are going to fall into identity. All of that is because the spirit, the spirit is now free from any forms of reality that are there, you are now form your own reality within yourself and became yourself.

[00:50:07] So now there's nothing but love that exists. Now that is going to surround you and embrace you. So your life is going to make a turn and that turn is going to be manifesting yourself into the ultimate spiritual self. And we have the ultimate spiritual self. Everything that you do is going to be ultimate as well.

[00:50:27] I love that. Thank you. I've a hundred percent agree. Um, but for the sake of discussion, let me ask, cause maybe some questions here.

[00:50:40] So my understanding using my language to this is you have the super-consciousness right then the, the Godhead, the higher self, then you inherit it. Perhaps from your parents, from your culture, from your gender, understand your teaching from your school has all these false constructs reality. And through my own practice, I can shed away these false beliefs and they get more and more illuminated.

[00:51:10] And does I'm more free to God and create. My own reality. What is it that want to bring to the world? Quote, unquote self-actualized or really just actualize reality. I love this quote that you had in your other podcasts some time ago. You said each one is each own signature. I am, and I create a hundred percent right.

[00:51:32] Really owning that I am and I'm create. So, um, Did I capture everything you just said. So, yeah, he did a great too man. That was great. He did excellent. Yeah. Very good. 

[00:51:50] So how does one cultivate going back? Right. And going back to the tactical, how does one go in and cultivate that I am, and I create. Does God had, do you have any specific recommendation and practice?

[00:52:08] So then others can go out and take on similar practices. Um, how do you cultivate it is, is that, um, you have to form practices for yourself. Well, first let's just go through the blueprint. The blueprint is, is once finding your identity, find out who you are. The next step is you got to love who you are.

[00:52:31] You got to really love it. The next thing is you got to work on yourself and when you work on yourself, you have to work on those attributes. You feel as though as most prevalent in your life. The next thing you got to understand is what where's your will, because the will is going to drive you anywhere you want to do.

[00:52:50] There's nothing that the will, the will is the super element of self. See, people don't understand that. Right. And what I mean by that is, is, uh, you know, have you ever willed to do something? Have you had the one that you love your mother, if someone's going to attack your mother or your father right now, is it anything that will stop you from not letting that happen?

[00:53:11] You'll do everything possible, right? For that not to happen. You'll get strength that you never had before that you never seen. You'll get speed. You'll get quickness. All of those things will happen. That is designing your will. And if you really understand the wheel and you have a relationship with it, If you take that fire that you was going to attack somebody with and you will stop them from doing things.

[00:53:33] So your parents with, if you're able to put that elements inside of yourself and manifest that into all elements of yourself, you'll realize you will have energy and you will cultivate cultivate that into everything that you do. And that is what makes you really invincible. Because you have someone really wants to happen and your will is there it's going to happen.

[00:53:53] Nothing can stop it. So it was about really shedding light, understanding the will, getting a relationship with it and bring that upon your life to share upon all the attributes that you have upon yourself. Nothing can stop you, but that's the. Um, that is the, about the fourth one, uh, that you would have to do.

[00:54:11] The fifth thing you all ultimately have to do is you have to now structure practices together and you have to align them. And what I mean by that is, is that inside of your day, you got to say, listen, I wake up around this time. What do I do from the moment I wake up until the time I go to bed, what am I actually doing?

[00:54:30] And if you're doing in your day and you're not cultivating yourself in some aspect, meaning you're not learning something, you're not working on a body part, you're not working on your mind. You're not doing anything for your spirit or your soul. You're not doing anything for your intellect or you're studying.

[00:54:45] Right. You could do all of that. Right. What did we talk about? The last one, right? The last one was will. So if you will, is there right? All of these things happen and you know, what we talked about prior to all of this is building those muscles up. All of these things, build yourself up. It builds your self identity up.

[00:55:03] It builds your self as a culture, you self cultivate these things and just like muscles and you're building and you're in a weight room and you're getting big muscles and you're getting, uh, all of these up. Things that you're doing in a gym, cardio is getting good and girls like to work on their backside.

[00:55:21] So the backside is getting bigger and all of those types of things that imagine of all that will that you had to really concentrate on all aspects, soul, spirit. Body, uh, intellect psychology. Imagine if you had all of that all put together and you had actual practices on it, you knew what to do to build it up.

[00:55:41] Think about that. If you do that, then what type of person would you be? You know, a lot of things, you know, C is all due to whether you'd want to do it, or whether you're not. That really is all that matters, right? Is nothing that can stop you if you know what they eat and you eat something different, that's you, if you know where to go, but you still go somewhere else, that's on you.

[00:56:05] If, you know, if you supposed to wake up at this time and you don't pass you, if you know you supposed to go up and you're supposed to not hang around a certain people or a person, and you still hang around that person. That's all you. So when you get down to it, is there anything in this life, anything whatsoever that you don't have control over to create, to manifest or to will out or innovate?

[00:56:31] There's nothing. So if that is the case, they are the most prominent things for you to work on. It's not your body. Right. That's good. You know, lady love right. You can lay down and she say, take it off. And she liked to show and it's all good. And, um, you know, it could be good and the fellows like that, uh, but they have a body, but they can't fight.

[00:56:54] You know, all of that stuff is all good. Right. But the real essence of everything is all things that are not really seen. Right. It's all things that you are really just like diamonds and all things that are really viable, always hitting, always, you know, so there's hidden parts of the bean that you are supposed to work on, uh, that will come out openly.

[00:57:21] Once you cultivate them. If you cultivate those hidden things inside of you, you're going to find that you're going to be more macular than you can ever imagine. So it's all your choice, right? It's all the things that you do and you want to do for yourself because nothing can stop a determined individual, no matter what.

[00:57:42] And when that determination I'm talking, will, if you know how to master your will, your master everything else. And that's how you cultivate C you know, and that's how you got to do it,

[00:57:53] by use the gym analogy as a way to on this podcast, we actually use the seven analogy over and over again, just like how you go to the gym to train your muscles. You know, your physicality, you can go to the gym, your mental gym to train your mentality, your emotional gym, to train your, you know, how, how expansive views are hardly and go to the spiritual gym to train a way of being.

[00:58:17] And the more reps you put in the more quote unquote muscles you have, the more strength, mastery, and more range. You have to really have all different domains of your life work together, synergistically effectively. That's what you said. Yeah. Yes. Cool. One other thing I wanted you on the line too. This may be, this is maybe nuance, but for any of you listening, uh, Stanford researcher, BJ Fogg.

[00:58:47] He wrote a whole book about tiny habits. Right. And the whole idea is you don't start off saying I'm going to do what memnon does. You know, it's like a professional, you know, a spiritual warrior there. So, but you can, what you can do is break it down to the atomic unit of a step. So for example, if the habit you want to take on is flossing.

[00:59:11] So instead of us thinking about flossing, the entire set of teeth, which may be, Oh my God, it's a lot of work. Start off by making a commitment and flossing one tooth. And of course, when you start with one two, then you, you know, probably do a lot of other teeth too. Right? So that's one thing to do. And the underlying thing that I want to say to any of my listeners here is any time that you take on, let's say exercise, you are taking on the being.

[00:59:41] You're an athlete. You write that way of being, you don't need to do an memnon of this to be an athlete. You can. Literally put on your shoes as your micro-commitment and that's your way of being your step into that future that you're creating for yourself and your life. So that's one thing I want to underline.

[00:59:59] It's not necessarily the doing. Yes, it is. And it's more important on this podcast. We talk about way of being curious to know what your thoughts are. Memnon. No. I agree with you. Um, I mean, I think that is, uh, definitely in a direction, uh, on the person, uh, when the individual, um, there's always the way to being.

[01:00:21] You know, and I think you can start. I think people always want fast results, right? You go there and people are getting married or they got an event coming up at the beach and they want to get slim fast and they want to do all of these things. Again, this is when the image part, um, but it all comes down to moving a step.

[01:00:44] You can move a baby step, but you know what that means, even if it's a baby step, you, it was still better than you were yesterday. And then from that baby step, I guarantee you becomes a 12 inch shoe, then a 14 inch shoe than a 20 inch shoe. Then it's 25 inches. It just keeps going on because again, what does the physical teachers, the physical teaches us is that the more you give on to your body, the more it grows it's approved.

[01:01:12] In fact, you can look at any form of, um, Bodybuilding or any form of physicality. When you are structuring yourself to form a pattern of working your body, your body is the, what the creator gives us in order to see what results go into, what work has done and the overall work when it's done and an aspect it comes out and it shows you that it grows.

[01:01:40] If you put work into it. So again, you don't start out lifting 400 pounds, right? You don't start out living 1000 pound and squat. No. When 2000 pounds and so forth, you don't start out like that. You start out doing pushups, sit ups, and then all of a sudden you one 35 to two 25 and three 35, it all works. So if it's telling you that, cause that's what physical does tell you that specifically.

[01:02:11] You running one mile one week, right? And by the time you, if you've run one mile a week while Tom that year is over, you be running 12 to 15 miles hour every time. So the physical again is the blueprint. It is what we're given in order to really succeed with the hitting joules of self.

[01:02:31] You have to know what's outward, right? Is this like you've played chess and the paws are there to give you an expression, protect you and to keep you protected and to show you form on why you should not be caught. And ultimately you use those pawns that you have upon yourself in order to manifest the King and the queen within yourself.

[01:02:54] That's the way it works. Everything is given and shown to you as, as a matter of image or consciousness. And it's up to you, um, to really fond a defining mean, you know what that means to you. That's the way it all works, man, ladies and gentlemen, 

[01:03:12] I want to ask you a quick question. Cause you had mentioned in one of your five steps.

[01:03:17] Loving yourself as a practice. Now, most people would agree intellectually. Yes. I love myself, but in practice, very few people really, truly embrace the totality of who they are. I recently came across a quote that says your ability to be bold in pursuing your dreams is in direct correlation. To how much you love yourself.

[01:03:45] I just love that so much. So I'm curious to know what are some of the practices that you can recommend that you have, that you could recommend to your students of ways to cultivate self worth? Um, the way you love and cultivate, self love and spending time with yourself, you can never love yourself, a mist around a group of people in a, in a correct form.

[01:04:11] You have to spend a long time with yourself. You have to close your eyes. And what do you see? And then about controlling, what you see is about what do you see? And if you see it, can you explain it to yourself? And every day, if you do that and you practice the alone time in your practice, closing your eyes and seeing what you see and you examine why you're seeing it, you're going to have better understanding of yourself.

[01:04:35] And that's just going to encourage me to condition, and that is going to create a love. And that's when you create a bliss of yourself, the more you spend time, just put it this way and you can look at it, metaphorically in this fashion. There's not anything that you spend a lot of time with that you wouldn't grow a fondness or love for, from a being perspective, right?

[01:04:58] If you're spending time with your mother and father, right. And you love your mother and father, you love your brother and your sister, right? You will, you, you love your mate. That you would, a lot of people, you understand relationships, not because of love because they spend all their time together. So ultimately time, again, all these elements in life are teachers, right?

[01:05:18] And that's what time teaches you is one of the foundations of time. One of the foundations of time is, is it shows you from a blueprint on how things grow. Right. You can look at time and you can see how things grow. And one of the things that grows in time is a fondness, a fondness and affection. It grows most of the time people can be a job that they hate, but because they spend time near, they are attached to it.

[01:05:45] So that is showing you the blueprint on what you need to do for yourself. Imagine if you took all of that energy that you give for things that you don't like as much into something that you should love, which is yourself, and when you create, and you're trying to create a fondness, you have to spend the time necessary with yourself.

[01:06:05] You have to spend the elements of time with yourself. And you have to be. And that is when he created a belief is going to create a love is going to create a bliss, is going to create a magnificence and you're going to become the most greatest being you can ever imagine. Uh, just because you have now spent that time and you have grown the fondness and you have grown the compassion for yourself.

[01:06:29] So yes, absolutely. So in order to. Uh, have your question answered, is that how do you do it? You have to spend that time with yourself. That's the only way it works. You can't be in a group. You can be around individuals like that. This is why the me time. And people would talk about me time, but it's never thoroughly explained the me time is the time that you are taking to love yourself.

[01:06:57] That's what it is. So the more you cultivate yourself in your me-time, I guarantee you the more love you have for yourself. Um, it's, it's a chicken and the egg, right. In my mind, that's the way I kind of see it is I spend time to love myself. So I'm bringing a way of being into that practice. And also, as you said, it's that outside in and as well, where the more time I spent with myself, the more fondness that I also have with myself.

[01:07:26] So there, that synergistic effect there, am I accurate to recap what with it? Yes. All right. I'm doing great, man. I, you know, you are recapping the mess out of it too. 

[01:07:41] So one thing I will want, I want to ask you this question, because in the very beginning we were started as podcasts we had talked about what is it that we want our younger selves, who may be going through their dark times right now, who may be struggling.

[01:07:57] With whatever life challenges, relationship, challenges, business challenges, physical challenges, spiritual challenges, perhaps to leave with. Um, and we want them to, to know that everything is good. You don't need to worry. And so, okay. Right. So say a little bit more about, let's see, how do I contextualize this question?

[01:08:22] Cause you have your intention. You have a purpose in life is to embody what's possible. Right? So you do a lot of different practices. You set a lot of different goals as a way to manifest that. A lot of people would have a self-esteem rollercoaster ride. If they achieve a result. They're awesome. They didn't achieve it.

[01:08:49] They're stripped. Right. So what would you say to those. Perhaps our younger selves, I certainly did attach my self esteem to whether or not I meet my own expectations. Anything you want to say about that? Um, man, that's a lot, um, a lot, I would say, man. Um, when I look at the young, when I look at the adolescents, um, of me, you know, I would say.

[01:09:23] Um, really to him as be yourself, you know, um,

[01:09:33] don't worry about anything because even though you're going to become something that we always dreamed about you becoming, um, I want you in this moment, in your time right now to ease yourself and just to be who you are. That's it. We did it. We actually did it. Everything that we talked about in the basement, everything that we talked about in the fields, everything we talked about in our room, um, everything that we did, everything that we want it to happen, and it has now become, you have become because of you.

[01:10:18] Um, In this path that you are on. Um, we have manifested everything that we dreamed always been we've we we've done it. We really have. I wish you could see me, you know? Um, I wish you can see where we live and see, you know, all of the things we dreamed about, uh, for our character, our dignity. On while we stand or all the attributes that we talked about in tears, you know, all those people that didn't believe in us.

[01:10:55] Okay. All those people that didn't understand the, you it's okay. We have now become all of the things that we have engineered to happen. So I say to you, yeah. It's okay, man. You know, it's okay. And, um, love more. Um, you want to meet some beautiful people. Um, you're going to have a wonderful life ahead of you.

[01:11:29] Um, I want you to, just to be yourself and believe on believe in the path and. Be happy and keep doing what you're doing and I'll meet you there.

[01:11:46] That's what I say, man. Thank you. I feel a lot of love for younger version of men then right now. Yeah. The reason why of that is that, um, I didn't really have a lot of that structure on me, you know? Um, I don't, I don't come from one of those, uh, you know, my father and mother Libby, everyone was 50 years now.

[01:12:11] So my parents are wonderful beings. But, um, I didn't, you know, my parents never understood, you know, it's not like I can go to my parents and talk to them about philosophical reasoning of the universe. And I can show him some calculus and say, pop, check this out. You know, uh, this is actually, you know, Uh, the syntax of, you know, when you put this in physics and you know what they're doing, like, you know what I mean?

[01:12:38] Yeah. So it's not like you're going, uh, you know, talk to your parents about what you are and what you believe is structure. Um, so I didn't have, um, You know, um, um, I had a wonderful, uh, my have a wonderful, um, older brother, um, and he was a blueprint, um, of ultimately believing in me and doing those things.

[01:13:04] So my brother was a great source of inspiration to me. Um, but yeah. Um, nobody, I didn't have that type of love, man. Like, you know, you can, you can be with somebody and you can be like, Hey, you know, I bought you, you know, uh, all these roses, you know, and you know, I'm, I'm taking you on all these trips and.

[01:13:28] That's not really on how that person looks at love. Like she hates roses. Right. And she don't like going out, you know? So is this like, yeah, you're doing things, uh, that are loving, but you're not doing things because you're not paying attention to that in the visual or how that eventual looks at love will feel love is appreciated.

[01:13:48] So. For me. Um, I didn't have a lot of that, man, you know? Uh, so I had to kind of create it on my own. Um, but it grew me stronger, you know, I grew more personal, uh, because of it. So when I'm talking to my younger self. You know, I'm envisioning, you know, where I'm at, you know, um, visioning, you know, in the room, creating something, I'm writing all these notes about an exercise I'm going to practice or writing these notes about, um, some form of crazy psychology tests that I'm going to give myself that was like 83 pages, you know, or, or, or, or, or do something.

[01:14:29] And these standing staring at a wall. For like 18 hours, you know, and, and seeing Ivanka to ultimately see through it. That's where I probably squint to this day. Like my eyes never can tell, you know what I'm saying? You know, see, they probably think we from me and you got the same eyes and ultimately I think that's.

[01:14:52] Well to this day, man, where my eyes are, the way they are. But ultimately I put myself into all of these practices, man, um, that, um, that it was going to be, um, I had to find love for myself so much, you know, and, um, you know, when I was, so when I look at my, my, my, my little side, Of of, um, of the C you know, myself in that room.

[01:15:19] Um, I see the tears he was having. I see the belief that he didn't think nobody really saw him for who he was and, um, believing in a greatness about him, uh, because my life is this unbelievable. Nobody, if you've seen practically, unless I was on Facebook, right. And people can actually see what I'm doing.

[01:15:40] Right. It's not, you're going to go out and tell somebody, Hey, let me tell you about this guy. Like he, you know, he's part of the, you know, this, he doesn't tell any tests he's, he's known as rationality. You know, he lifts these weights on me, all of these stuff that you may say about me, nobody's going to believe that if you like, told them, like, really like, Oh yeah, you know, there's, isn't a way, you know, that type of thing.

[01:16:00] And that's what you always heard. You know what, when people, because we will have such a low expectation, you know, for the self and how you can cultivate things until yourself. So nobody believes it. So when you asked me those questions, I just see that kid, like, you know, and I see the pain, you know, that he was going through and because you grow spiritually, you know, grow the compassion, right.

[01:16:24] And, you know, grow to compassion to be, you know, something more. Um, so. 

[01:16:30] So, so that's one half of my question. The other half of my question was how do you not let the weight of expectation this weight crush you? And that make sense because for a lot of high achievers who are totally committed to self-actualization, self-transcendence being the most that they could be as their best self.

[01:16:54] Right. What they fight against is their own created weight that they been carrying all their life. And I know that well, because I've carried that and then happened to be really cognizant of like, Hey, Uh, don't let that stop me from taking the action and actually enjoy this very moment here and now. So I'm curious to know, as someone who has a really high aspiration to be the best version of himself that the embodiment of excellence, how do you manage not letting this weight of expectation crush you.

[01:17:32] Probably because I just, I live with it and you know, I, I want it, um, that expectation is not anything that I don't want. Um, so for me, it's not really about the expectation is this about me just living my life. So I don't believe I don't really see it, uh, because the expectation I put onto my own life, um, is already.

[01:17:52] Wanting to cultivate the excellence. And again, something we prior talked about is that, you know, because I live myself in a, in a certain diligence of being disciplined to one excellence and cultivate excellence every day in the practices of all of those things that I do, I just live my life and I let it act as a reflex on my behavior and actions, reactions, and response.

[01:18:16] So for me, It gets really easy. I don't really worry about the outside entities of it because I know from a re um, pivotal point, I'm in a very similar point of myself is that I expect those same expectations out of myself. And I refuse to give anything less than that. Mm. So I'm committed. My wheel is driven and ultimately is in line in every vein in my body.

[01:18:42] So it makes sure that everything that I do, every form of act, I perform everything that I speak. When I walk, talk, all of those things are forms and come from those that will. Pointing to those veins. So almost as a reflex, I'm going to want excellence in all of those things. So it ain't about what other people are expecting out of me is really on what I'm expecting out of myself.

[01:19:08] And ultimately it just happens. It just happens to be a match, you know, because people have now seen me now and I'm out in the open and. Facebook and, you know, social networks can ultimately see this. Um, I want them to be able to see it so they can ultimately have, and drive themselves to the highest level.

[01:19:28] So there's an expectation, you know, for myself. Um, I want them to have that they should. A man is to be the role model of life. And you should expect me at all times to never disconnect myself from the umbilical of the source and have that God life. That is an expectation I've always put on myself because that is where I live.

[01:19:51] Hmm. So is this like your, you know, if you have a culture and you're living in that culture and somebody is expecting you to live that culture, you like, all right, cool. I'm living it any way, you know, so it's not like, you know, your expectation, um, is anything that alters my reality alters on my form of living.

[01:20:11] This is what I do, you know, performance you're putting on this is who you are and then you're sharing. Who you are to the public. I get that. And then also in between the line, what I'm also hearing is is this, you have surrendered your ego to this devotion of excellent. So it's no longer is that you're shaking your head.

[01:20:38] I know what I'm saying completely. Um, I. You cannot live life with the ego involved? Uh, I don't believe, um, um, and I didn't, uh, you know, I didn't really grow up. I don't think it's true growth until the ego leaves you. Um, I don't think you can totally become everything. You could become some things because we live in a society or appreciates and applaud its ego.

[01:21:05] Um, Um, some people, a lot of people, too many people, um, applaud the ego, um, funds. Um, the ego, um, is just a form of calm. That is, uh, uh, Stands in the way of your natural self, you know, your true self, you can never fully become, you can never meet the woman of your dreams. You can never meet the person or the mate who you supposed to be with.

[01:21:33] You can never have the friends that's going to bring you to Omni potentates. You can never give them programs like this, you know, and you can never have, um, The total, um, comp you can never have a total compensation in yourself, uh, with the ego involved. So I released it completely. Um, I don't want anything to do with it whatsoever.

[01:21:55] Um, and part of that reasoning on why and what was that is that I've never believed on 'em. Um, or really, you know, doing things for money and, and all of those things like that. I have totally, um, given myself, um, to the source and, um, and, and, and live in this life only to define the pages, um, in history. So people can now just look back.

[01:22:23] That is my currency. You know, people can look back and say, you know, There was a person that lived and in that life, um, that person was able to show his will. And so these aspects of life and form a totality informed practices in order and show the world, um, that you can always be all things. There's no selective, there's only the, uh, Only the objective, then what you give yourself.

[01:22:54] And in that objective, you can use your will to turn your life into whatever you want it to be and manifest whoever you wanted to be. And you could be a total complete being and live your life in any fashion, super or non-super that you want and actually super. And that is what I do. And that is because that is where I'm driven.

[01:23:16] And that's where my life personally is, is for me. Um, and I was just not even about anything else, except for living on who I am. And it just happens to be that. Um, but you have to let go of ego before all of that can really come to fruition. Cause if not, you're always going to be stuck and you always want to let people guide your spirit instead of you getting your spirit.

[01:23:39] There's a lot I can say there, but am I going to, cause I know that our time is limited, but um, I can talk to you with my hours.

[01:23:48] One thing I wanted to ask you about is your learning style, because you are a poly math and poly polyquad and, uh, that's definitions that people have given me, man, I don't, I don't believe in no title stuff in that's just how people describe me. Uh, but. I man, you are why you are. Okay. So it's all good. So I appreciate how humble you are.

[01:24:12] So I'm curious to know, cause there's, if in terms of learning, cause I'm a lifelong learner as well. I'm always a student, no matter what lifelong student, um, one school of thought is go deep. Focus on one niche go super deep. And that's the path of the Nobel laureates, right? They just go super, super deep.

[01:24:37] And uh, one other path is where follow your curiosity. So if you're curious today here, you're curious today there, follow your curiosity. How do you learn? What's your philosophy around learning? Um, well, I have, um, nine books, um, my practice, uh, 10 minutes on each book, everyday 10 or 15, and I have a, I have a new syllabus each month.

[01:25:04] Uh, I believe, uh, one should, most of his time it should be cultivated and study. Um, so I don't have any TVs in my home. Um, I have around 5,000, uh, in 30 books now, 30, a little over 30, um, just all libraries in my home. Um, and I believe there are two ways you learn, well, there's multiple ways you learn. Uh, but from this aspect, you learn one by reading.

[01:25:30] Um, and cultivating your reality through those texts, uh, and then learning new things, um, experimenting with yourself, uh, and then reading the book of yourself. Um, there is a time, you know, reading a book of yourself. What does that mean? That means when you close your eyes, there are thoughts that's going to happen automatically.

[01:25:51] If you close your eyes right now, right? We, anybody close their eyes, you're automatically going to think of something, um, those thoughts or I believe part of the consciousness in the pages of your consciousness every day. And I think as you practice closing your eyes, spending time, reading those pages of consciousness in yourself, you're going to find out more about yourself and you'll become, and you'll notice, and you do that a lot.

[01:26:15] You become more at ease. With yourself, you become more at ease with cultivating the structure of who you are. You become something more. Um, and that's the way it happens. Um, by reading your pages on who you are, everything that's in your head is telling you a story, or it's telling you something that you should know about yourself.

[01:26:37] So that is reading pages, um, about yourself. But I think I have a study curriculum and a new curriculum each month, um, where I'll take non books within my book bag every single day. Um, and I have a timer on my clock that I have a run from the first minute. So ultimately I have my, um, Uh, phone and it stopwatch on it.

[01:27:00] I'll click it the minute. My first prayer is in the morning and I'll let it run all day. And then certain hours of the day, I look at my stopwatch and I know I have a prayer or meditation, or I have my study time. I take 10 minutes each book and I, and for any book that I don't finish, cause I'm pretty much good on speed now, far as reading was, um, so for every book that are adults.

[01:27:24] Finish. Um, it will go to the new curriculum for the next month. So as far as learning is concerned, I believe learning is constant. Uh, there's not an element to the universe, to each element that we are not constantly trying to cultivate ourselves. There were learning channel. And I think you should set up a more formal system to cultivate yourself every day.

[01:27:51] Um, this happens just to be mine. 

[01:27:53] Good. All right. Let's, let's go a little bit more on the ground.  Boots on the ground here. Uh, for constant learners, it's easy to rethink that spoonfed to you and have an idea like, Hey, I actually know this book. What I came to realize for me is, well, I don't really understand this book until I can teach someone else.

[01:28:17] What I've learned from this book, right. So I'm curious to know you consume the books 10 minutes at a time, night book a day, right. That's really impressive. What do you do as a way to integrate everything that you learn, you know, in terms of information, to knowledge, to actually your ability to pull it out of you at will that make sense?

[01:28:37] How do you integrate what you learn? Um, what psychology teaches you is that, uh, the best way that you cultivate learning is to write it. Um, you have to write what you learned. Uh, so what I do is, um, every night before I go to bed, um, uh, through one of my last memory tests that I do is I try to write on 20 lines, everything I learned from all of the books.

[01:29:06] Right. And some books I will remember better than others because then that's the book may be touch me more. Or I thought it was more interesting or, you know, it was in the more favoring, the right side of my brain, you know, that day. But I write it out 20 to 25 times. Again, I don't really put numbers on it.

[01:29:23] Uh, but 20 to 25 lines, I write out every single thing that I learned, I then go take that. Um, and then I share it in the morning with myself. Um, by again, reiterating what I learned, because a lot of times you'll go to bed and what, you know, what, you don't remember nothing anymore, is it, you know? So I was able to train my memory, um, to be able to get conditioned to that.

[01:29:47] So it was the last thing. So let's backtrack, right? So you study the books. At the end of the night, you reiterate the books and sometimes you go back and cheat because you forgot a few lines. So you go back to the book, make sure you understand it more and you go back and you write it down. That's the end of your night.

[01:30:05] You wake up in the morning and you reiterate some more. So now you're again, starting with that information inside your consciousness. So when you do this, a number of times, what winds up happening is, again, like those muscles we always talk about, right? You're building up your memory muscles and you'll get out a point of view, work your memory.

[01:30:23] Good enough is that you could see something in a flash and you can remember every single number. You could look at everything in one. A line and you could remember everything in that line. You remember everything in two lines. You can remember any three lines before, you know it. You can remember a page and when you from number of page, how far can you go now?

[01:30:42] Cause we know the mind has no limit. So can you remember two pages? Can you remember three. Again, these are the practices that you put into yourself. If you want to have the will to do it. I just, my wheel is yes. I believe there's no limit. It's a will. Uh, because again, we go back to that kid, those superheroes under that, and this is something that I'll always believe in.

[01:31:06] Uh, so ultimately you, you manifest yourself in your own identity and you build your own practices up for your own identity. And then this is what you become. Um, so yeah, how I learn? Do I feel learning is something that's central? Yes. I think one should be cultivating every single night. Mm. 

[01:31:25] I love it. Um, last question.

[01:31:31] Well, um, Hmm. Let's see, like I was saying, there's so much more I could, I could go, but, uh, our time is limited. Let's focus on that question a well. So if you look at the union sign, right, the yang approaches power through, right. And if you look at the yang is surrender, you know, let the collective consciousness take you and surrender to flow.

[01:31:57] So I'm curious how you navigate when you cultivate your willll like a weapon. How do you navigate the unit? Um, It's the old story of the Caterpillar. I'm going to share it with you. The Caterpillar was traveling. Right. And all of the animals, um, was seen as caliber and running.

[01:32:26] Um, so the elephant asked the Caterpillar, Hey, you know, you got a thousand legs. How do you walk with the valves and lays? That's like crazy. How do you do that? In the Caterpillar said, I don't know. I never even thought about it. And the minute the Caterpillar started thinking about all those lazy had and how he's doing that, you know what happened?

[01:32:52] You know, it cause you're smiling, he tripped. Right. So that's my answer. I don't even think about it. I don't, I just let things kind of persuade themselves and go in a direction they have to. And then if I don't know what that feeling is, or if I don't know why it's there, I'm going to ask questions on why it's there or more as questions when that feeling.

[01:33:19] And you know, what's going to ask questions on that. I'm going to find out one way or another. Because I'm going today and then I'm going to dissect. And when you dig and you dissect, you come out better with a better understanding that you had when it first happened, but for the most part, and for the ultimate part, I don't think about it at all.

[01:33:41] I just let everything happen the way it's supposed to happen. And then I'll just take it from there. Um, so whether it's from the surrender. Or whether it's from the will. Um, and if they're colliding, um, or if they are speaking, um, alert just happened at that point. Just like Osho talks about it as you become the watcher.

[01:34:05] And instead of asking why things are, they are trying to figure out things on why they're there. You just be the watcher because

[01:34:14] I'm going to push you on magic the bid. So David wrote a book Navy seal guy wrote a book called can't hurt me or a thesis about it is when you think you can't you have only reached 40% over capacity.

[01:34:31] So his whole thesis around life is leaning into adversity, push himself harder than the ever is a very masculine, very yang approach to life. Right? So as you cultivate your will. I'm curious to know from your point of view, how much do you have a, like an aphorism to how much you lean into the discomfort?

[01:34:53] Cause in my mind, leaning too too much, you got to get injured. If you don't lean into it enough, you get complacent. So how do you find your own sweet spot? If we can articulate that? That would be really great. Um, well, Yeah. It's like, if you're doing reps on something and you do it to failure, um, you do things until you.

[01:35:17] Can't do it anymore. I mean, there's not a point where I say, you know what, when we asked about, you know, what we can talk about, right? What did I tell you? Right. As a redo agent, right? There's no limit. There's no limitation. We go forward. Anything, you just let it go. I answer it. Um, I go into failure. Um, and when you go into failure, you know that you, and you know where your limit is at and how you can stretch that limit.

[01:35:47] You don't have to put a time on things. You don't have to put a number, one things you can this ultimately say to yourself, I'm going to do this to his maximum effort. And then you do things to maximum effort. You know, you can go how far you can go and how much more you need to do in order to get where you have to go.

[01:36:05] If you have a goal and for me, yeah, everything is built. You could give bill in adversity. We find things, but adversity can go sideways too. Because if you have a bet, you could find a lot of people who went through adversity and then come out like Gogans did. Right? Because, so it was not really about how Google and says what adversity is because adversity can only turn upon a beholder is about the will and how you generate the manners.

[01:36:34] In that wheel and how you respect and honor yourself enough to be driven in order to drive yourself to the new level. Right. And thankfully, Mr. Gogans was, was able to drive and turn himself in, at adversity into a flame, but there was a lot of people who don't understand that feeling and ultimately give up on themselves and don't have the will to generate and flip that.

[01:36:57] So again, as always centers itself on the will, and for me, it's not a route or a number it's not even about adversity. It's about what can I do towards maximum level, and then I'm happy with it. And then I maximize my level until it goes to another maximum level. And then it goes to another maximum level.

[01:37:15] Because again, like we always talked about, you're always going to build those muscles up as long as you work on them. And as long as I work on that maximum level, I'm going to create a new one. So that's how I look at it. 

[01:37:27] Hmm Memnon I so appreciate you being here and sharing yourself your life, experience your practices, you know, go into the different gyms, right?

[01:37:41] Physical, mental, emotional, spiritual, and really helping me unpack. Why is it that your people love you so much? And I now have an experience of you. So I have a glimpse, I have a little understanding of why your community, your students so appreciate you as a, as a teacher for them. Uh, just thank you so much for your generosity and the willingness to do this.

[01:38:11] Verbal jujitsu would be so. 

[01:38:16] Man, uh, listen, uh, see you've now you are a friend and a brother. Um, I'm so humbled to be a part of this broadcast, uh, for you, uh, to invite me here. Um, I can't be more humbled. Um, it's an honor to meet you as a Hunter to meet your audience. Uh, I'm very humbled to be here. Um, I hope everybody, uh, I can, I could have have, um, in this broadcast we have kind of an answer to some things.

[01:38:43] Um, this is a most magnificent host. Um, and I appreciate you, man. I appreciate your surroundings. I appreciate, uh, culture, your background, you story, your broadcast, um, everything. And I look forward to us talking again. Okay. Wait until next time. Take care. Absolutely. Take care, brother.


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