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CK Lin, Founder

CK helps high achievers get off the self-esteem rollercoaster and create a life with success and deeper fulfillment. He has served university chancellors,  startup executives, and high growth startups. The combination of his scientific training, eastern philosophy, and multi-disciplinary solutions will sharpen your winning edge. He is the world’s foremost high-performance mindset coach in bridging practical solutions with transformational experiences. CK has his Ph.D. in engineering from UCLA.
In his 20 and 30s, CK chased the traditional definitions of success. He has a Ph.D. in biomedical engineering from UCLA. He became a director and worked closely with chancellors at the University of California. He was a startup executive that grew an idea to 9-figure in valuation. But he noticed that he was becoming more and more burnt-out and less and less happy until he stumbled upon transformational technologies and methodologies.
He created NobleWarrior to help other high achievers who love life and self-actualizing as much as he does learn from a mix of master mentors.
He does that through interviews where founders tell their stories and masterclasses where they offer a solution to problems that may overwhelm other founders.


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Speaking Topics
  • Scaling a High-Performance Culture
  • Accelerate Your High-Performance Mindset With Ayahuasca
  • Cultivate Your Capacity For Resilience
  • How to Create a Life of Success (While Living a Fulfilling And Joyous Life)
Interview Questions
  1. How do you help high achievers actualize their transformational ideas?
  2. How are heart-based technologies and high-performance related?
  3. How do you make existential crisis (aka dark night of the soul, the belly of the whale, identity shift) any easier?
  4. How to increase executive presence and influence?

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